If you’ve ever dreamt about earning a living by making money online, then affiliate marketing can be your key to running a successful Internet business. Before you can start earning money online, it’s imperative to know the basics of establishing a website from the ground up. Those basics include building a website, finding the right hosting, WordPress themes and affiliate programs for your business. Read on for the easiest ways to set up your affiliate marketing business.

Step 1: Launching A Website

First and foremost, you’ll need to lay the foundation for your site. This includes setting up your own content management system and a hosting company that will ensure your site stays up and running 24/7.

WordPress and Hosting: WordPress is an open source blog and content management system that is the backbone for most affiliate sites. The reasons are because it’s a free platform that’s fairly easy to use. You can get also get thousands of plugins that will let you adjust your site to your personal requirements, and equal number of themes that will make your site stand out from the crowd. WordPress can be installed in just five minutes, but before you can do anything you have to get a domain and sign up for a hosting account. For domains you can go to GoDaddy, which is amazingly easy to use. When it comes to hosting there are tons of possibilities. One of the most reliable hosting companies is Blue Host.

With some of the least expensive rates around, Blue Host offers UNLIMITED Domain Hosting, GB Hosting Space, GB File Transfer AND E-mail Accounts. You can also get a FREE Domain and Site Builder with templates. Blue Host is also known for its 24/7 Phone, Chat and Email Support.

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WordPress Themes: Once your domain and hosting account is set up, it’s time to start making your website look beautiful with skins or “themes.” A WordPress theme allows you to customize the overall look and presentation of your site. Lucky for you, there are thousands of themes out there that you can install to fit your site.

One source to find themes if ThemeForest. ThemeForest offers a wide range of popular WordPress themes, ranging across a number of categories. You can find the right theme for you based on ThemeForest’s keyword search, featured files, top author and collections.

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Step 2: Finding Offers To Promote

Now that your website is established, it’s time to select the right offers to promote. There are millions of programs and offers that you can choose from, but how do you choose what are best for you?

The best way to find an offer that may work for you is research all of the offers that you have available. You can start by visiting an advertiser website and seeing if they offer an affiliate program. If so, in their affiliate section you can see if they have an offer that interests you. You can click on the listing for all of the campaign information, which includes basic information such as its payout, what constitutes as a lead, the countries the offer accepts leads/signups from, and how you are allowed to promote the offer,. Depending on the offer, you will sometimes have to read and agree to an additional terms and conditions, which usually covers keyword bidding and trademark issues.

After selecting your offer, and agreeing to any additional terms, you can then access your affiliate links and campaign ad copies. Each offer is setup with their own menu tab that would allow you to grab your affiliate banner creatives, email creatives, search creatives and additional and advanced tracking.

In addition to signing up to affiliate programs directly on advertiser websites, you should familiarize yourself with affiliate networks and how they allow you to search and promote through offers.

Affiliate networks provide affiliates with direct access to thousands of different offers, and full training and support on how to promote them. Networks also centralize the tracking, payment and processing in one spot and sends one lump sum payment at the end of a billing cycle for the different offers they run on their network. Check out the top affiliate networks you should explore:


Once you’re signed up with these networks, you can then start selecting from a wide range of offers and promotions and testing them out. From the network, you can login to your members area and start creating affiliate links to their main web site or to individual products directly. You’ll also be able to create new links and banners, view traffic and sales reports and monitor all payments, whether they’re past or pending.

Step 3: Building a Mailing List

Email marketing is a cornerstone of any effective online business, essential for increasing the effectiveness of your site traffic and catching

The first step of email marketing is building a list. Even if you’re not quite ready to engage in an email marketing campaign yet, you should still be building. After all, if you’ve got a site, you’ve got site traffic, so you’ve already got the most fundamental element of email marketing at your fingertips.

When referring to an email list, what we’re really discussing is the database of email addresses, your visitors have supplied you, primarily using the following means:

  • Autoresponders
  • Sign-ups via your website
  • Sign-ups up via an email response

Take the time to hook up with a quality list management provider. iContact is a great example. It’s not free, but quality, effective services rarely are.

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