Everyone is completely obsessed with social networking and the sharing of photos and videos over the internet. It seems like there is a constant battle for these networks to one up each other and find a way to pull over users from other networks.

Of course Twitter and Facebook are king, but there are plenty of others players like Klout and Instagram who are in the mix. One company that is looking to take advantage of all of these sharing networks, pulling them all together and even looking to pay you for your sharing, is a new site called Staree.com.

In short, Staree.com is a social networking site (or hub) where you can build a profile page that lists your Facebook and Twitter pages, but also allows you to instantly upload your latest status, photos or images from the computer or mobile device, using their application.

How can Staree make you Money?

There are actually a few ways that Staree can be quite beneficial for you and your business. The first way is that they will simply pay you for every image or update you make through their site. Their site is still new, but getting paid even a few pennies per update can quickly add up.

I look at Staree from a much more powerful aspect, which is the branding and exposure model. Through Staree I was able to create a branded profile page of my own, which shows the “ZacJohnson.com” brand, and allows for people to also connect with me through Facebook and Twitter or even send me questions directly.

So there are two ways to benefit from using Staree… and if you already love sharing updates, photos and videos with friends, it’s a pure winner. Get paid for adding content to your profile page, while also getting your branding out there as well. In addition to regular internet users, there are also a bunch of celebrities who are also actively using Staree.

How Social Networking Exposure Can Grow Your Business

Social marketing is no joke… if you want to build a business online, you NEED to focus on your social presence. Over the years I have been able to build ZacJohnson.com into the brand it is today, not only because of the quality content, but also that I make it a continual effort to get my site name, logo and branding out there as much as I can.

It’s not about just joining the “major” social networks… but getting listed on them all, and every where you can. This will help greatly in boosting your social authority and rankings.

It doesn’t matter if you are a personal blog, an affiliate marketer or just starting out online… creating your brand and getting a social media presence from day one is key to making it to the next level. A site like Staree.com make it fun and cool to have your own personal look and feel to help with branding, while also connecting others to your major social networking pages on Facebook and Twitter.

This post was written by Zac Johnson

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