When it comes time for you to start picking different affiliate offers to promote, you are likely going to have a hard time finding which is best for you. Some affiliate offers have low payouts, but are easy to get conversions on. Then there are high paying offers, but they may require credit card use or personal information, which makes it harder to acquire a lead. Some affiliate offers just never seem to die out or fail.

Pay day loans are a big money offer that can fall into this second category. There will always be big money to be made in credit card and financial based offers, and this one is no exception. Not everyone will qualify for a pay day loan, and the verification process can be quite lengthy… but it does make a lot of money for the end advertiser, which means there is a high payout for the affiliate marketer as well.

I’ve written about pay day loans in the past, and there is always someone who talks about the ethical issues of pushing these types of offers and how it ends up hurting the end user with higher costs. However, the focus on this article is how you can promote pay day loans and that someone is going to be promoting these offers anyway, and if someone is going to apply for a pay day loan, they are going to find. This post is information based and you are simply the marketing agency.

Interesting Things to Know About Promoting Pay Day Loans

  • Pay day loans are a consistent money maker and continue to get new applications on a daily basis, no matter what time of the year.
  • When banks are closed, more pay day loan applications are processed. This is obviously due to people needing to have access to money when their bank is closed.
  • During July and November there is a lot of holidays which banks are closed, resulting in an increase of pay day loans applications. (ie: Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving)
  • Conversions and activity on pay day loan applications is usually higher during the week than during the weekend.

Where to Promote Pay Day Loan Offers

Just like there are niche ad networks for gaming and education offers, there are also networks that specialize in the pay day loans market. Some of them are helping their site partners and affiliates earn well into the six figures every month.

Two popular pay day loans based ad networks are PayDayPays and LeadsMarket. You will also be able to find various pay day loans offers spread across well known ad networks.

The pay day loans niche is an extremely competitive and profitable one and may be quite hard for a newbie to break into. There will always be creative and new ways to promote different offers and reach new audiences.

Should you join any of the pay day loans networks mentioned above, they will be more than happy to walk you through the promotion process and what is currently working in the pay day loans niche.

This post was written by Zac Johnson

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