Facebook has made many changes these last few years; one of these that have been implemented, for business, is the promoted post. Yes, a Facebook page used to reach nearly everyone that subscribed to the page but those times are over and it’s all about the money; we, as business owners, need to accept that we’ll need to pay to get the most exposure through the social platform.

Grumbles aside, Facebook promoted posts can be quite powerful if used in a unique manner. There are a few guidelines you should take into consideration before you put all the time and energy into the platform mainly that you can’t have your text larger than 20% of the picture or that you do a ‘bait-and-switch’ type of image where the link and message is completely unrelated but otherwise there is a lot to play with.

Here are a few, unique ways to use Facebook promoted posts in your affiliate business:

  • Coupon deals – This one goes without question and is self-explanatory. Put together a large image along with a catchy headline/quote/copy of your products along with a coupon code (remember: under 20% of the total image) and then run the campaign within your community to maximize targeted traffic.
  • The “page exposure” – Since you don’t reach as many eyeballs since the FB changes you could consider doing an image that asks readers to change their page settings to receive all of your messages than just the most popular. Take a screenshot and run the promoted post.
  • Community spotlight – A cool way to build your community is by shining the spotlight on the individual’s aid in its promotion (the brand ambassadors). Consider getting in touch with one of your most loyal followers, hold a small interview, and run a promoted post with a link over to the interview – what this’ll do is show that you’re paying attention to the community but these individuals will do everything they can to have people see the piece because they’re probably not in publication too frequently which makes for a special occasion.
  • Brand redirection – Sometimes you need to change the brand or URL (for whatever your reasons); promoted posts can be a good way to get the word out to ensure that your FB followers aren’t in the dark.
  • Big features – Of course, without question, you should consider using the platform to highlight one of your epic content pieces – ones you consider to be pillar posts – so that it gains the most potential for being shared. Do this at your own discursion and make sure you’re pushing out only the best. In essence: if you feel the content is something people would pay for (that you release for free) than calculate a budget and let it ride.

Facebook will continue to evolve and offers many great opportunities to marketers with a budget (which can actually be quite small!). Consider one of the five mentioned and give them a test; it’s worth it.