The tagline reads “Is It Possible To Earn $463.34 in 2 Minutes A Day?”, quite a boasted by the original rendition of Mass Profits Sites, a mini site development service. Today, version 2.0 is on the market and aims to please at just $20 a month

Mass Profits Sites: The Overview

The idea behind Mass Profits Sites is that the program you buy into automatically creates product websites based on your affiliate ID for “hot” products in the marketplace. The base package, about 50 websites, seems to be the starting point for most but many users have reported seeing an utter lack of success even after the program has spawned thousands of mini product sites.

The goal, overall, is to aid people in creating affiliate websites but the reality is that very few people have actually seen any type of return on their investment. The shoddy customer service provided by Mass Profits Sites is atrocious to say the least.

But, let’s take a look into the program (which is offered through Clickbank):

For Mass Profits Sites 1.0:

  • Gravity: 7.23
  • Average Sale: $226.60
  • Average Rebill: $381.40

For Mass Profits Sites 2.0:

  • Gravity: 0.76
  • Average sale: $0.94
  • Average Rebill: $0.60

Yes, the stats are quite amazing for version 1.0 but your promotion of this product begins to blur the line of ethics (which, unfortunately for some, doesn’t matter) but we’re not here to judge. Overall, performance is quite lucrative for this promotion but understand that public reception to the product is not that great.

Mass Profits Sites: In Review

What does it all boil down to?

The Good

  • Incredible network performance, sales, and rebills
  • Swipe files and additional resources for affiliates
  • Plenty of one-time upsells and additional offers

The Bad

  • Customer horror stories are found everywhere for this product
  • The product contributes to the mass spam on the web
  • Sites created through the product aren’t well received and barely convert (if at all)

The Bottom Line

Ugh, it’s hard just thinking about the outrageous claims and the amount of people burned on the program. We cannot, under any circumstances, recommend this product.

Our Verdict: 1 out of 5

There is no shortage of lackluster response from those that have purchased the program (found here). It seems that the service is just a load of spam; mass producing mini product websites in the thousands (after purchasing the upgrade) with very little results.

In all, this is the type of product you should run like hell from. There are ways to automate your income but allowing a program to blast the web with flakey, worthless websites is not the way to do it. The only real reason we’d give it a ‘1 out of 5’ is simply because it’s the type of hard lesson to be learned that will teach you to avoid shady products such as Mass Profits Sites.