Memorial Day will take place on May 27th which is a day to recognize the sacrifice and service of those in the United States military; it’s a national holiday in which many individuals have the day off which is generally spent attending events, BBQ’s, and being with loved ones that have participated in service.

Memorial Day also happens to be ripe with many great affiliate opportunities. The following will give you a few ideas for what you may consider promoting, and a few strategies to make the most of your promotions leading up to the holiday.

Memorial Day Promotions

Besides reworking your marketing copy and promotional strategies to match the holiday there are many other options available if you can quickly get in with an affiliate program for the holiday event, such as:

  • Flowers – A staple item to promote for any holiday (actually). You could work in an affiliate offer for flowers and match it to the holiday based on the idea of sending flowers (and arrangements) to loved ones if they can’t see them in person.
  • BBQ Equipment – Memorial Day is a very big BBQ day in the States. There are plenty of opportunities with this one whether it’s listing out ‘essential BBQ items’, sharing recipes and linking to online food stores, or listing ideas to create Patriotic cookouts.
  • Books/Movies – Amazon (and other online retailers) have an extensive collection of books and movies related to the military and conflict; you could work these into your site based on lists, reviews, and highlights.
  • Hats/Flags/Badges/Memorabilia – Veterans and active members of the military (along with their families) like to show their support; you could divide these out based on specific  conflicts and even go into content related to subjects like how to apply a badge, proper flag maintenance, people wearing hats, and more – use your imagination.

Check with your existing affiliate networks and programs to see if these items are accessible for promotion, otherwise do your research to find specific companies with the affiliate opportunity (bonus if they are an American company with production in America).

Promotional Strategies throughout Memorial Day

If this is your first attempt at doing promotions during Memorial Day than you may be a little stumped as to what type of content and strategies you could conduct – – here are a few ideas to get your creative juices started:

  • Write a list post of those that have done incredible service and make these posts specific to major conflicts such as WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Gulf War, and more.
  • Tweak the design of your website to show patriotic colors and write a special opinion post about what you think Memorial Day means to you.
  • Give out steep discounts during the Holiday on your information products or work with product producers to see if they could do it for their offers; this creates a heightened sense of urgency since it’s a one day event which many individuals have off.
  • Consider doing an offline event such as a community BBQ in your neighborhood which also becomes a great networking event especially if you haven’t made friends with your locals.

Special note: Memorial Day is very important to a lot of individuals, and there may be a backlash if you don’t conduct your promotions with the utmost respect for the military and those that have served. Make a strong effort to be as ethical as possible during your promotions during the holiday and try not to offend your market.