yammerThe latest reports from the Wall Street Journal indicate that Microsoft is right in the middle of acquiring Yammer – leading social network software provider for enterprise use.

The price tag on Yammer is $1.2 billion. According to information from MoneyWatch this makes the deal worth 40 times Yammer’s 2011 revenue ($30 million).

Essentially, Yammer provides companies (they report 5 million enterprise users in the first quarter of 2012 ) with the possibility to launch their own social network that’s similar to Facebook and Twitter in many ways. The main mission of the platform is to make it possible for employees to exchange information, files and knowledge in a friendly Facebook-like environment.

Yammer works on a freemium model where everyone can create a free account and then switch to a paid plan if they need extended functionality.

This acquisition places Microsoft in the social-enterprise space, a place where no other big player has made a major appearance yet. Microsoft wants a piece of the social networking pie that’s currently held mostly by Facebook and Google+.

The company will probably begin integrating some elements of Yammer into products like Microsoft Office and other tools commonly used by enterprises.

Having features like file sharing or chat built into Microsoft Office would make working with the platform a lot easier in some cases, as users wouldn’t have to switch to other tools to get in touch with other coworkers. This could strengthen Microsoft’s position as the leading provider of enterprise software.

Right now, many companies are actively searching for various social media solutions that would help them operate on a daily basis. Microsoft knows this, so joining the social networking game seems like a clever thing to do.

What Microsoft is doing only proves that the social networking game is not done yet. In fact, companies are constantly building or acquiring new assets, and they don’t plan on stopping.

We (affiliates) should treat this as a reminder that people are still actively looking for various social networking solutions not only for personal, but also corporate use. We can take advantage of this trend by finding relevant products that help people with social networking.

On a more direct note, Yammer has an affiliate program, but it’s not a classic affiliate program like we know it. Yammer is all about having a team of professional advisors/experts who are capable of helping customers integrate the Yammer platform into their enterprises.