millionaire-societyOne of the crucial things to remember about affiliate marketing is that traffic is everything. You could be the best copywriter around, the best landing page designer, the best story teller, but all this is useless if your site receives ZERO traffic.

Millionaire Society is the new product by Mack Michaels (you may know him from Maverick Money Makers – one of his previous products). It’s advertised as a way to bring as many as half a million completely new and targeted visitors to your site in a week. And since traffic = money … well, you know the story.

… And yes, this doesn’t sound like something very possible. Over the years you’ve been taught the importance of SEO, PPC, building up your site over time, etc. So the concept of attracting this massive amount of visitors in a matter of seven days sounds like a fairytale.

However, Mack proves that it’s possible. He logs into his Analytics account, and shows the stats starting from 0 and ending exactly at 577,947.

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How to Attract Visitors

Mack’s trick is to use unique traffic sources that are not yet drained.

Mack has been in the business for a while, and the main problem he’s experienced can be called as “following the herd.” Quite simply, if you’re doing what everybody else is doing, don’t expect miracles.

As a result of Mack’s research he’s been able to create a product that teaches you the newest and most effective traffic getting methods out there.

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Millionaire Society is a membership program updated regularly. Inside the program you’ll find:

  • Over 100 hours of training videos to help you go through the tasks of setting up your traffic sources.
  • Blueprints on things like building a successful internet business, media buying, and – obviously – traffic generation.
  • Live coaching weekly webinars where Mack shares his own strategies that he personally uses.
  • Over 110 instant internet businesses you can launch right away.
  • Access to custom profit software to make money on autopilot.
  • Links to online resources and additional content.
  • 24/7 support.

The advantages of signing up for the program are obvious – there’s just a massive amount of material that’s actually working and can get you going in your affiliate business.

However, it’s also the problem with the product. The fact that there’s so much stuff (100 hours of videos, for instance) makes it really intimidating at first. But if you set aside some time to go through the whole package, you’re sure to experience good results.

You can sign up for $37 (the initial payment), then it’s $97 monthly.

Keep in mind that every traffic getting product that doesn’t work on a membership basis is probably not any good. The game of traffic changes too often for anyone to be able to create a standalone product. That’s why the best products are always membership programs.

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