You probably sit down once a month to come up with new blog post ideas for your website.

During this time you kick around topics you’ve been meaning to discuss but you’re still bound to find gaps in the days you want to publish. You could add some filler content for those off-days or do the better thing and use comments and feedback to find requested content.

Content is like a product. If no one wants it then you’re just wasting your time. Doing research into what the community needs and wants will give you a sure fire win.

Here are my suggestions for getting this done.

The Mining Process

Instead of fluff I’m going to get right to the process – it’s actually quite easy so go through each step as you read and you’ll understand it in its entirety.

1. Visit Technorati and view their current list of the top 100 blogs or those listed on

2. Narrow down your selection based on your industry and which topics catch your eye

3. Spend a few moments to dig through the post to understand the key points the author made

4. Hop down to the comment section and find one which has a lot of activity

5. Scan each comment in the thread and pick out keywords and questions about the topic

6. Jump over to the commenter’s website and get a feel for the person (customer avatar)

7. Pursue the idea by creating its content

That’s really all there’s to it.

Creating this complimentary content will fill in those questions people have when researching a topic.

You can certainly do your own take on the main topic from which you derived the idea but catering to comments and feedback will give you a unique spin. You could even go as far as to contacting the original author and requesting your link be included in the post in relation to its keywords.

Bonus: Utilize CommentLuv

CommentLuv is a WordPress plugin that allows commenters to leave a link back to their recent posts. This helps engage the community and encourage comments. You will also receive a fair share of traffic if you’re frequently leaving comments.

Once you’re done creating the complimentary content I’d suggest taking a look through this laundry list of CommentLuv enabled blogs and begin adding your comments to pages that have similar topics and themes to the one you’ve created.

Those reading through the comments will have a higher incentive to click through your information since it’s relevant to what they have just read.


Spending an hour a day, reading comments of popular blogs, will reveal a wealth of blog post ideas that aren’t based on speculation – they will be requested by the community. Catering to this need, you will find it an ease when populating your site and you’ll gain great long-tail traffic. You will also benefit with your participation because it opens the dialog with the website owner. This can lead to a business relationship which gives you the chance to build authority through association.

Mining comments for content is a low hanging fruit with great rewards. Implement it as part of your content and affiliate marketing strategy.