Let’s start on a high note. There are 5 billion people using mobile phones every day. But the interesting part is that there are only over a billion people with internet access. Does this make the mobile space good enough to market to?

Enter Adam Horwitz and his product, Mobile Monopoly. Adam is a young affiliate marketer, only 22 years old, who’s been making a healthy full-time income for several years now.

Inside the Mobile Monopoly course, Adam teaches his approach at the mobile market, and how to monetize it through Clickbank products.


The course is divided into 10 separate modules:

  1. Get Mobile. Talking about the basics of mobile marketing and why it’s such a good market to enter.
  2. The “List Leapfrog” Method. The main marketing method used in the course. An approach a little different than the traditional way of convincing people to buy off the screen.
  3. The Underground Networks. Where to place your mobile ads (no obvious places, only new and effective sources of traffic).
  4. CPA Goes Cellular. How to promote CPA offers to mobile users. Plus, two mobile-only CPA networks to join.
  5. Clickbank Unplugged. How to promote Clickbank offers to mobile audiences effectively.
  6. Amazon on the Airwaves. How to promote Amazon, and when to use it instead of Clickbank.
  7. Pay Per Call Profits. One of the traditional methods of promotion on mobile phones is to get people to simply call a given number. Here’s how to get it done.
  8. Main Street Goes Mobile. How to work with local businesses and help them set their advertising.
  9. Smartphone Stampede. How to make money through your own app.
  10. Mobile Music Money. How to promote music from iTunes.

The Good

The best thing about Mobile Monopoly is the fact that it covers a very wide scope of the issue. Not just some basic methods of advertising or spamming people on their phones.

The Bad

Even though the product shows various methods of getting people through the door (getting leads) it doesn’t show much in terms of converting people later on. The product is mainly about building a list and then promoting Clickbank products.

That being said, Adam shows a really effective way of doing that, so there’s really nothing that negative we can say about it.


The course works on a one-time payment basis, but later on there are also some recurring payments if you decide to continue the membership. The price is $37.

Customer Support

Adam offers 24/7 live toll-free phone line for direct support. You can also contact the support team by email.


“This course is perfect for pretty much anyone looking to make money online. […] I made about 15 affiliate sales over the past two or three days and built a list of like 300 people.” –Alex Shelton, internet marketer.

The Bottom Line

    A friendly member’s area, very good package of content, and various methods of promotion you can use right away… This all works in favor of the product. However, only monetizing your list through Clickbank and Amazon takes it down one step. Overall rating of 4 out of 5.

    If you’re thinking about buying this course, remember that there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can always ask for a refund in case of anything.