is a fresh affiliate network offering a wide variety of offers related to the health industry that is sure to pique the interest in any affiliate marketer finding themselves within the niche.

At first glance, comes across exactly how the brand name describes: a focus on quality niche categories – rather than trying to be everything for everyone.

As you already know, the health industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world; it readily pulls in billions of dollars in consumer goods and trillions within the medical field.

No doubt, one of the most difficult items to wrap your head around, as an affiliate marketer, is which offers to promote especially when faced with oversaturation with the amount of selection on most affiliate networks. That’s where comes in …

A Fresh Face for the Health Niche’s principles are sound:

  • Transparency
  • Honesty
  • Ethics

Compared to other major health affiliate networks, places a great deal around their transparency when it comes to detailing statistics and data for their affiliate advertisers and publishers; they share live affiliate earnings, offer multi-language support, a plethora of resources, and a system which ensures advertisers adhere to guidelines to provide affiliates with safe, reliable promotions.

The level of honesty is unmatched in the industry. has set up safeguards and gives affiliates access to a wealth of data that very few networks dare to incorporate into reports. Commissions are guaranteed even if a merchant does not honor the transaction, each affiliate is assigned a personal mentor, the ability to donate earnings to charities, and a great option where you can be paid (based on merchant preferences) even if you aren’t the one closing the sale (just as long as you were part of the chain).

As far as ethics,’s offers (which many can be viewed even without signing up to the platform) must adhere to specific policies along with an agreement for inclusion into the network. The preferred partners adopt a policy of complete transparency which may include legal agreements with the ASA and/or MHRA agencies.

In all, is offering a wonderful selection of offers without the dread of unknowingly promoting companies and products that do not pass federal guidelines and societal ethics which makes this smaller affiliate network tantalizing for marketers in the health niche.

The Affiliate Network

You love numbers. You are an affiliate marketer, after all; doesn’t fail to deliver.

The network has a great set of features and benefits for the commission end of the marketing chain, including:

  • Guaranteed commissions
  • Lifetime cookies
  • Bi-weekly payments

In terms of offer selection, you’ll be delighted by the focus on health-related offers, including:

  • Health & beauty
  • Skin care
  • Teeth whitening
  • Weight loss

All great, big industries with unlimited potential in affiliate networking; plus, being paired on the network, ensures you’re working with the best in the business without forcing you to spend hours on the research end of the business.

Perhaps the best implementation on the affiliate network is the clean, easy-to-understand affiliate merchant pages that come packed with detail that’s sure to please any affiliate marketer.

Take a gander at one of the affiliate merchant pages:

One element of this page which may immediately catch your attention is the sheer amount of resources available to affiliate marketers which includes guides, banners, product photos, demographics, and additional information about the company conducted by

Lest we forget: Most commissions on the network range between 10 – 50% of a sale.

Not to mention that the network has almost every option covered in the conversion process:

Of course, it doesn’t stop there in terms of earnings as comes with a referral program and a point system which can be used for prizes and merchandise. In Review

What’s the bottom line for the affiliate network? Let’s break it all down …

The Good

  • Ethics and transparency evolves the industry and gives you greater access to data, resources, and legitimate offers in the industry.
  • High commissions using a lifetime cookie (and other earning options such as ‘hubs’ and ‘split commissions’) are always a good sign.
  • They’ve never missed a payout in the eight years of their operation.

The Bad

  • The amounts of offers and merchants on the network don’t provide nearly as much selection as the other major networks.
  • The network is only applicable to health and/or beauty brands which alienates many affiliate marketers that wish to give the network a try (without diverting their energy from their main industry and niche selections).
  • The bi-weekly payout and initial 30-day wait before the first payout may not be as enticing for affiliates that desire faster pay.

The Bottom Line has every feature and benefit you could wish for as an affiliate marketer. The commissions, tracking, and transparency are right on point to get the most from your promotions through the network, and the added bonuses such as the point, hub, and split commission system opens a whole new level of potential. The support and mentorship from the network will greatly aid any affiliate whom attempts to tackle such a large industry.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

We love the fact that offers a very select amount of niche categories on their network only after the merchant has been reviewed to determine their ethical nature and transparency. As we all know, the health and beauty industry is riddled with sub-par options (let alone ones which could land affiliates in hot water) so it’s a breath of fresh air to find a network taking the extra step in ensuring only the best can be found on their platform.