You’re not alone in the world of affiliate marketing. Education is the key to staying relevant, making great business decisions, and finding new opportunities.

Open your mind and explore what’s out there with our list of the fifty most useful websites for you, the affiliate marketer:

Website Portals/Forums – A collection of updates and new blog posts from some of the most widely respected individuals in affiliate marketing. (SEM) – A wide selection of websites that offer great information about search engine marketing which, as you know, goes hand in hand with affiliate marketing.

WarriorForum – It has its hits and misses but there’s so much good information buried on the forum that you can spend years conjuring up new ventures and tactics for your affiliate marketing.

Social Media Platforms

Facebook – The largest social network with millions of users, great for building brand awareness, driving traffic, and more.

Twitter – A microblogging platform, great for building a following, driving traffic, and starting quick conversations.

LinkedIn – The largest social network for business professionals; great place to find potential customers, employees, or joint ventures.

Industry News – Everything you need to know about social media (including tips). – The business side of new online startups and products that will be shaping the future of our wired world. – A website dedicated to keeping tabs on what’s happening in the search engine world which is immensely valuable to future-proof your business and improve its search rankings.

Inbound Marketing – The definitive leader of inbound marketing that offers some of the most in-depth articles on the subject. – An incredible blog that shares personal insights and solutions to inbound marketing for affiliate marketers and small business owners. – A wildly successful business and website that offers a great variety of inbound marketing solutions and tutorials.

Pay Per Click

Google Adwords – The easiest solution to get started in the world of pay-per-click advertising; ads are displayed throughout the Google network. – A satirical (but highly informative) website dedicated to PPC and how to best use the platform in affiliate marketing and online business. – One of the best, most trusted resources for all that is to know about pay per click advertising including tutorials, news, and more.

Content Marketing

ContentMarketingWorld – The face behind the Content Marketing Institute that focuses heavily on using traffic to build an online brand, traffic, and business; don’t miss this one.

ContentStrategyHub – A new, but powerful, player in the content marketing niche; the website is still fresh but already packed with great tutorials, interviews, and guides for dominating at content.

SocialMediaExplorer – I wouldn’t call it specifically a “content marketing” blog but I think it fits here because it’s all about creating a unique experience through social media and the content you share.


Copyblogger – The big player in the world of learning copywriting online; this blog is updated almost every day and has hundreds of extremely valuable tutorials on the art of web copy.

MensWithPens – An incredible resource for getting started (and making an impact) with your online and offline copywriting.

SmashingMagazine (Copywriting) – The largest design blog takes on an entire section about copywriting straight from the people that build the websites.

Search Engine Optimization

SEOSmarty – A departure and unique look into what makes for a great search engine optimization strategy through in-depth tutorials.

SEOMoz – A treasure trove of tools and tutorials about everything you’d ever want to know about SEO.

SEOBook – If you were to get SEO information from one source, make it this one; it’s got everything from a full suite of tools, premium guides, and some of the most detailed tutorials on SEO, anywhere.


Problogger – The long-term, go-to source for getting started with blogging and turning it into a profitable venture.

DailyBlogTips – Another giant in the world of Blogging that’s been running for many years now; tons of great tips for turning a blog into something great.

Kikolani – One of the most refreshing blogs about blogging out there; years of great tutorials and a keen eye for touching on excellent subjects.

Email Marketing

Chris Baggot’s blog – Not just going for profits, Chris takes a look at the best practices behind email to cause change and make an impact that every business should take note of.

Deliverability – A multi-author blog that’s solely dedicated to making the most from email marketing and the strategies for making it work in your business.

Banane – The blog may not look sexy but this is one of the essential email marketing personalities that you should be listening to if you want it to work in your affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

SteveScottSite – One of the greatest, overlooked blogs in the world of affiliate marketing that’s constantly updated, contains a ton of freebie downloads, and has a unique position on creating long-term affiliate businesses.

Entrepreneurs-Journey – The blog is begin to show its wear but there is more than enough great information throughout the site to help you master the world of affiliate marketing and other online business ventures.

SmartPassiveIncome – It’s touted as being the go-to source for building passive income but a lot of it boils down to affiliate marketing but through content marketing and information product creation.

Video Marketing

ReelSEO – One of the oldest, thought leaders about creating and distributing video online for search engine placement and marketing.

The Official YouTube Blog – Go straight to the source and see what YouTube has to say about creating video and how to get them found on their platform.

ImaginationMedia – The blog posts are short but always informative; it’s more about picking up and idea and running with it vs. spending hours digging through tutorials on this one.

Online Business

Seth Godin – Writer of many books, speaker, and online business owner, Seth spills his quick thoughts that have Fortune 500 company owners turning their heads; it’s really great, inspirational stuff.

Murlu – A nod at my personal blog, I’ve written a massive amount of tutorials on freelancing, online business, blogging, and more from my unique perspective and background in eCommerce.

Entrepreneur – Of the same magazine publication, Entrepreneur not only gives you access to its past work but always has some of the most powerful articles about business out there.

Link Building

The Pro Guide to Link Building – An immense list of nearly every tactical strategy for building links to your website.

Link Building 101 – A low-down of all the ethical, long-term ways of building links to your website ranging from the easy to the highly involved.

Link Building Tools – A short but powerful list of link building tools, some are automated where as others require your fine attention to detail.

Traffic Generation

TrafficGenerationCafe – A regularly updated blog about new and classic traffic generation strategies that fit all types of online ventures.

WebDesignerDepot – Why add a design blog for traffic generation? Well, a lot of what keeps people stuck on your site (and coming back) is the content, design, and experience so don’t overlook this aspect and learn from one of the best sites on the web for these topics.

Online Business Hour – Talk about a wealth of great tips for SEO, traffic, online business, and all that comes with trying to get found online; OBH has more than enough tips and tricks for landing visitors.


WanderingEarl – An informative, relaxing website about traveling which is, after all, many of our end-goals when building a business; this website shows you how to do it on the cheap.

ZenHabits – A blog all about minimalism and getting the most out of your day without overstressing yourself from work (highly recommended for busy, busy entrepreneurs).

Reddit – A social networking/bookmarking community that has thousands of sub-Reddits about every number of topics that may interesting you (including online business, affiliate marketing, and more).

37Signals – A lean startup with many products but, for you, one of the most informative blogs about running an online business (and they published the highly recommended book: ReWork!)

Amazon Best Sellers – A comprehensive list of all the products, by category, that are selling on the Amazon platform (great for finding physical products to promote).