We go through these swings where it’s hard to pull ourselves into completing our work. When that happens we start to lag behind and miss our deadlines; this compounds into additional stress.

Sometimes it all just gets to us.

The feeling of wanting to complete our activities hasn’t gone away though as we simply lost our motivation along the way. Motivation needs to be refueled. We can do this through many different outlets.

Here are some of those sources to help get out of that funk…



Movies aren’t exactly the first source you’d run to because they do cause a distraction but I’ve found they can be an excellent source of motivation if you keep it to specific genres. Types that come to mind are generally documentaries about business and technology. Watching these types of flicks, seeing others build great works, can certainly give you inspiration to do something great.


Music has always been a great method for keeping things going. Personally I love listening to electronic music because it’s fast and doesn’t distract you with lyrics. Your preference will be different. Throw on some good tunes and it should get you in a happy mood (enough to jump into work).


You know how they say there is a “runners high”? That exists. Doing a great work out or even just going for a brisk walk will certainly raise your feelings. You also gain the benefit of keeping in shape which naturally provides additional energy. Next time you feel out of it don’t think going for a walk is a distraction; see it as a motivator that’s doing your body good.


One thing I’ve noticed in my work is the lack of motivation that comes when you subconsciously tack on additional projects (in best interest) that puts a weight on your shoulders. Essentially you are stretching your time too thin trying to do everything on your list. It’s good to trim down your activities to the major ones so it doesn’t feel like some colossal amount of work each day. Knowing you can conquer your to-do list makes a big difference in keeping you going.


Life isn’t just about the money. You can certainly push yourself to work crazy amounts of hours for extra pay but what about the little things that matter like friendship, family, and great life experiences? Work becomes less of a chore when it fits into your life rather than being something you need to do to enjoy the other parts. Find what you really want out of all this and design your lifestyle around it.


Similar to the whole “trimming” thing is having a greater command on your work. We all procrastinate (that’s a fact) and sometimes it actually works with making sure you meet deadlines. Perhaps one of the big problems with your lack of motivation comes from not having a set schedule? Routines are especially important for keeping up with work and building great habits; if you aren’t able to create some kind of structure to your day then you’re going to have a hard time building one. You can find motivation in developing a schedule that works for you.


Every person needs a great set of friends, family, or associates that has their back. When you are feeling low on energy and commitment they are there for you. When you’re feeling the funk of not working give them a call. They will be able to help you realign goals and add inspiration to your work. You may do the same for them which is always a wonderful gesture.