Certain projects benefit from having content created by multiple authors; it’s been a trend these past few years because it adds a dynamic nature.

Having multiple people work on content allows the site to continually produce content for the community and search engines. However, this also comes with having to micromanage multiple individuals and the need to create a policy so content is created with similar tone and direction.

At some point in your project development you may consider going with a multi-author site. The following will provide some of the benefits and downside to this decision.


Yea to Multi-Author

Bringing on additional people to create content has many great benefits:

  • (As noted) Having multiple authors allows the site to continually push new content to the social streams and to capture the long-tail keywords. Each new post is a new, prime opportunity to convert an individual on list building or affiliate opportunities.
  • Different people mean different viewpoints which is always a bonus when you’re trying to cover a range of topics on the site. Each viewpoint will attract a different type of community member and start a great deal of discussion; it also allows people to begin favoring specific authors.
  • Since a good deal of the content will be coming from the additional authors you’ll be able to focus your time toward other goals with the project.

Nay to Multi-Author

Of course there are also a few downsides:

  • When the site grows large enough it may become problematic in managing these additional people if you’re trying to keep a regular schedule; it means you’ll need to really step up with developing your content strategy so these people have something to produce which can be tedious at best.
  • The monetary investment may start to get high if you employed freelance writers for the project; this money could go toward advertising or other avenues in affiliate marketing that could, potentially, generate better revenue.
  • The multiple viewpoints from the authors may actually split the community and create a shift in the brand; it can also cause trouble if the individuals begin in-fighting which spills over to the community thus pushing people away.


Overall, despite the downsides, a multi-author site is the way to go because it provides a healthy amount of benefits. The fact that you’ll be able to capture more search traffic by having so many articles listed is enough to bring on additional people.

Getting around some of the problems with having multiple authors, mainly keeping the content flowing, can be handled by using project management tools. It’s important that your content strategy is iron-clad so check twice to ensure there is always something in the pipeline.

There is a monetary investment you’ll need to consider when making the jump to multiple authors but overall it shouldn’t be too much an issue if each piece is funneling people through the affiliate links. The use of multiple authors is a good choice in this regard so be sure to give it a shot.