The art of negotiation is a skill learned over due time through experience and repetition. However, there’s always a starting point with any skill and that’s what we’ll be looking at, today, with this article; specifically, the how to properly negotiate with your affiliate network to get the best deals, offers, and payouts to make it worth your while.

Understanding the “Game”

Negotiation is a process of give and take but there needs to be an exchange of equal value between both parties in order for the negotiations to be successful.

A few items you’ll want to strive for, when negotiating with your affiliate network, may be Flexible payout timing; Higher commissions; Ad copy and design support; and, Exclusive promotions.

The key to getting what you want is to give the affiliate what they want. In essence, you want to make them more money so you can gain greater commissions in return; it’s all a part of understanding the unique affiliate business model for each program and network.

Developing the Linguistic Strategy

The process of negotiation starts before a word is ever said. As they say, you’ll want to “get your ducks in order” so you can approach your affiliate network (or manager) with a logical, proven reason why you deserve special treatment over the thousands of other affiliates within the network.

Some key points to include prior to the negotiation process may include:

  • Your income and conversion numbers
  • Traffic numbers and strategies
  • Understanding of the individual you’ll be speaking to
  • The benefits you’ll bring to the affiliate network
  • Your plans and tactics for future development

The best way to think of all this is much like asking for a promotion in which you want to show tangible evidence that you’re a major, valuable player within the network and the fact that you make them a sizeable income is a logical reason why you should be aptly rewarded.

Winning the Good Fight

The time finally comes when you’ll begin the negotiation process which may fly by faster than you realize or be an agonizing wait that feels like an eternity. The important things to remember is that both yours and their time is important so don’t waste it.

Each network handles the negotiation process differently but here’s a procedure you can take:

  1. Email the network that you would like to discuss your position, set a time
  2. Call the network and speak with a representative or manager, voice matters
  3. Send and discuss the documents and analytics related to your work, be logical
  4. Present the benefits and ask for your just rewards, be firm
  5. Thank and schedule a follow up chat for future negotiations, show you’re devoted

The reality is that your negotiations will be completely different than others which are why a lot of the process comes down to your relationship with the network and its affiliate managers. However, there’s much to take away from this article that you can put into practice and prepare for your discussions; go into the negotiations with a strategy and come out with your desired rewards.

Have you successfully negotiated with an affiliate network? How did it go?