Online movie streaming and video home delivery service Netflix is heading overseas once again. CEO Reed Hastings announced yesterday that the service would soon be available to viewers in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland with a debut expected by the end of the year. The move marks the latest development in an aggressive marketing strategy of international expansion by the company which has included the opening up of markets in Canada, Latin America and the United Kingdom in the last two years.

With a high percentage of broadband connected consumers and a standard of living among the highest in Europe, Netflix expects Scandinavia to be a lucrative market. Initial consumer interest surveys have been positive.

Movie affiliate programs have proven to be highly popular and profitable and Netflix has one of the best for several reasons. The company has shown itself willing to make large investments in advertising with a constant stream of new promotions and special offers and it’s always available free trial subscription leading to a very high level of brand visibility and familiarity. Netflix supplies its affiliates with an easy to use suite of tools to help them get set up and then to monitor and manage their links and provides great technical support. The service is compatible with all of the most popular electronic devices. And of course affiliates can make money just by getting customers to sign up for the free no obligation trial which is a lot easier than convincing them to part with their cash.

This new announcement is another example on Netflix’s willingness to take the risks and make the investment necessary to expand its market and conquer its competition and another good reason why affiliates should consider coming aboard and going along on the cruise.

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