As we mentioned a couple of days ago, Neverblue is to be sold at a bankruptcy auction. We can’t be certain regarding Neverblue’s actual financial situation, but their parent company – Velo is in big trouble, and selling Neverblue is apparently the best way out of it.

The auction takes place on July 31, and the only problem is that the highest bidder will buy only the assets of the company, not the debts. This basically means, in theory, that affiliates and publishers could not be paid.

We’ll probably have to wait until early August to really see how this plays out for affiliates, but there are still things we can do today to get ready for some possible changes.

Stand Still and Don’t Panic

The possibility of not being paid is only theoretical. Nobody really knows what’s going to happen, so panicking is surely not an advisable approach.

There’s no point in shutting down your every Neverblue campaign just because the company is going to change owners soon.

Essentially, if you’re making money with Neverblue offers, and you’re still getting paid then there’s no reason to shut anything down.

If you’re not making any money, however, then it is a good moment to switch affiliate networks, you have nothing to lose anyway.

Use Free Promotion Methods

Paying for traffic is a great method of promotion. The only problem is that you need to make your money back quickly, or else you won’t be able to survive.

In case anything goes wrong and you don’t get your payment on time, it can stop your whole business.

If you include more free promotional methods into your marketing, you can still operate even if your affiliate network is late on payments.

Focus more attention on things like: SEO, social media, YouTube, email marketing, forums and community, and so on.

Find Similar Offers

Don’t put your eggs in the same basket… You should always search for similar offers in different affiliate networks, just in case something happens.

If you have a popular site in your niche, you need to be sure that there’s always a quality offer you can promote, and that you have some backup offers you can switch to without any negative impact on your profitability.

However, when it comes to Neverblue, stick to what works – promote things that are profitable. It’s probably not the best time to test new Neverblue offers.

Are you a Neverblue affiliate? What’s your action plan for the next months?