Over the past few months, Google has made steady changes to its Analytics tool.  As of now, when you sign into your account you are presented with the “newest” version. According to Google, users will have the ability to use the “Old version” through the end of January. At that point, everybody will be forced to upgrade.

While making the change could present a slight learning curve, access to new features are sure to make it well worth your time.


Gone are the days when your Analytics dashboard was crowded and difficult to navigate. With the newest version, you can create up to 20 personalized dashboards. This allows you to customize the format that best suits each particular site in your account.

Through the use of widgets, affiliates can quickly gain access to useful information including but not limited to:

  • Bounce Rate Timeline
  • Source Table
  • Goal Completions and Transactions Timeline
  • Visits

Note: there is even a “Mobile Device Info” widget that gives you access to stats related to mobile users. With the affiliate industry moving in this direction, this is one area of Analytics that you should quickly become familiar with.

Real-Time Data

Are you still using the old version of Analytics? If so, reporting information can be delayed up to 24 hours. As an affiliate, you don’t want to wait this long to analyze your stats. Instead, you need and want answers right now. Fortunately, the newest version of the program offers real-time data reporting.

Imagine the benefit of viewing activity on your sites without any delay. This gives you the chance to review information, down to every last detail, and make any necessary changes on the spot.

For affiliate marketers, waiting a day to tweak a campaign can be the difference between a profit and a loss. With real-time data from Google Analytics, you never have to worry about this again.

Site Speed

Are you aware that Google is now considering site speed when determining where your site will rank? Along with this, a slow site can negatively impact your quality score when buying traffic from Google.

When this feature was first released, users had to add another snippet of code to their site. However, this has changed with the newest version and is now standard on all Analytics accounts.

With the average page load time, you can determine if your site needs a boost in this area. It has been reported that a simple one second delay could result in a reduction in conversions of up to 5 – 7%. Can you afford to let this much traffic slip through your fingertips?

Are there any other new features of Google Analytics that you have found helpful?