Earlier in the week we brought you a selection of the best new WordPress plugins. Today we’d like to step out of that area and begin taking a look at some of the new themes that have been popping up that will go great for a business website.

What we mean by business website is one that’s treated as a professional platform – as if you’re corporate. The blog isn’t the main focus – it’s about the services and telling people about your business.

Those of you that are operating as an affiliate marketer may want to stick to a blog theme but these business themes are just as effective because they help build trust, encourage visitors to dig around into the site, and still benefit from being able to frequently publish content.

A good majority of these newer themes have an extensive amount of features because competition among developers has pushed them to include just about everything.

These elements include:

  • Shortcodes
  • Retina-ready display
  • Portfolio templates
  • Robust contact forms
  • Responsive designs
  • SEO optimization
  • Access to a multitude of web fonts
  • Easy editing features for the backend
  • (some have) drag & drop editing for design
  • (some have) built-in translation
  • Anti-spam captcha

Maybe I’m over explaining it. Have a look … and click on the pictures to see the full features.






Blue Box





Of course, you may be wondering WHY you’d want to use a corporate theme for your affiliate site.

I would have to say that using a corporate theme would aid in building credibility and trust in your affiliate business. There are many affiliates that operate a website that spout a lot of low-quality content because it’s very easy to just hire a cheap writer. This happens in every industry and the problem is that it causes saturation; if you have a professional look with quality content than people visiting the site won’t get that “shady” feeling (I’m sure you’ve felt that once or twice, before).

These newer themes have a ton of great features. They also look beautiful.

A corporate theme may be just what you’re looking for if you’re just now getting started but even so – you could always make an upgrade if you feel your existing theme is starting to show age.

Now might be the time to step it up and strive for a professional look.