Affiliate marketing newsThere have been a variety of interesting things happening in the affiliate marketing world and the situation in California between the State of California’s affiliate nexus tax and continues to draw strong interest from large and small media sources. Also, scroll down to the bottom of today’s post if you want to have your “social media strategy” turned upside down.

San Diego small businesses react to California tax law

A small paper in San Diego, The Daily Transcript, tells the story of the nexus tax law from the perspective of local small businesses. They lead with the story of Bonnie Vent, a local psychic who has made a small, but consistent, income from her three websites by selling books from Amazon as an affiliate. The story then moves to talk about Anne Mery, a local bookstore owner who sees Amazon as an unfair competitor who has been able to undercut local retailers by avoiding sales tax.

Amazon looking for local support in Silicon Valley

The Simi Valley Acorn’s editorial page accuses Amazon of having poor ethics in this situation.

Amazon has every right to protect its corporate model, unfair as it may seem, but to flout the law on the doorstep of another business in town—one that is paying sales taxes and probably has lost at least some profitability to Amazon—smacks of poor ethics.  Amazon needs to take its protest somewhere else.

Nonprofits sound off against Amazon

Governing magazine has covered how California nonprofits have taken a stand against Amazon in this standoff, urging their members to speak out and cancel their accounts with the retailer.

California affiliate moves to Nevada

Five Star Affiliate Programs covered a Web Pro News story about Nick Loper, the affiliate behind, who found himself out in the cold after Amazon and other merchant programs shut him down. He’s now moved his business to Nevada, where he will be able to operate in the absence of any restrictive state laws about affiliate marketing and sales taxes.

Is social media really generating traffic for you?

On a topic totally unrelated to Amazon, Web Pro News cites a study by Outbrain that says Social Media sucks at driving traffic to your site While the study does show that users are tweeting and sharing content, it also shows that they are hesitant to click on links that take them out of Facebook or Twitter.

As we all know, Facebook is the second-most highly trafficked site on the web, after Google. But this study finds that Facebook drives a fraction of traffic compared to content stalwarts Google, Yahoo and MSN. Google remains the leader in traffic referrals with more than 30 percent of traffic referrals while Facebook and Twitter range from 1 to 2 percent.

Now that I know this, I’m going to wonder whether my Uncle Floyd is really reading all of those articles he’s sharing from the New York Times, Huffington Post, etc. every day.

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