News: What's New With Google?Over the past year, we’ve noticed a dramatic change in Google and many of their services.

To help you keep track of these changes so you can understand their impact on your affiliate marketing business, we’ve assembled some of the recent stories most relevant for affiliate marketers.

Tech Crunch Discusses the Google+ Problem

If you have an account for it but haven’t been on Google’s new social networking site, Google+, you’re not alone. Over the past two months, tech critics have lambasted the social tool, noting that few people are using it, except for those people who work at Google.

Tech Crunch talks about the Google+ problem, which they find highlighted with a recent video. Intended to promote, the video accidentally highlights the fact that it’s so hard to manage “Circles” and permissions on Google+.

What the ad has so effectively demonstrated is the incredible amount of work it involves to constantly qualify our interpersonal relationships. To be fair, neither Facebook nor Google+ have gotten this 100% right. Friendships aren’t binary (friend or not) as they are by default Facebook, but they’re also not meant to be obsessively organized into groups like they are on Google+. Relationships change. They’re dynamic. And herein lies the problem with this aspect of the Google+ value proposition: Circles don’t work.

What started as an attempt to provide better security has become an exercise in complexity. What is Google to do now?

Google’s History of Search

Google continues to use YouTube to promote its products and market dominance. This six-minute video shows several Googlers talking about the history of search, obviously from Google’s perspective.

The Old Google Bar is Out

Tech Crunch discusses recent changes to Google’s interface, and how in the past six months, it has entirely changed the skin of many of its products.

Google announced on its blog that it’s “ready for the next stage” of its redesign, which apparently includes a new Google bar that will enable users to presumably even more quickly switch between each of its products, and share easily with Google+ users.

This means that the top black bar on Google products is going away, to be replaced by a new gray drop down menu.

Is Google Turning into Microsoft?

Business Insider builds on the details released in the Steve Jobs biography about Jobs’ opinion of Google, when he told them to focus on fewer things and do them really well. They ask if Google is turning into Microsoft.

Figure out what Google wants to be when it grows up. It’s now all over the map. What are the five products you want to focus on? Get rid of the rest because they’re dragging you down. They’re turning you into Microsoft.

Jobs’ advice was apparently dismissed, because the search giant continues to bolt on new products such as Google+, Google TV and Google Music, as well as their spending spree which has seen them purchase YouTube DoubleClick distract from the company’s primary strengths: search and email.

So, has the search giant who used to have the internal slogan of “don’t be evil” become evil? Has their size rendered them incompetent? Let’s talk about it in the comments.