I hear a lot of debate on whether niche websites are dead or still kicking.

I see where some are coming from because it would make a great deal of sense to create an authority site ever since Google rolled out penalties, but at the same time I believe that if a site delivers value.

I believe niche websites still have their place in affiliate marketing.

  • These websites satisfy our urge to work on new projects
  • These websites allow us to test new campaigns
  • These websites may turn into a reliable income stream

If there’s anything a niche site teaches you it’s the love of building and taking on projects.

I’ve seen too many affiliate marketers get too comfortable with their work which led to a loss of passion or their income dried up.

What I did was dig around the Web to see what I can find about building niche websites.

I’d say the collection in this post are the cream of the crop when it comes to the amount of detail and insight about niche site creation. You shouldn’t need another set of resources for creating these sites after you have these tutorials bookmarked.

1. Niche Affiliate Income Series by Steve Scott

Right in the beginning Steve states he doesn’t really recommend creating niche sites as part of a long-term strategy. I commend that truthfulness because building niche sites isn’t really for everyone. There’s a lot of work you have to put in if you want it to be viable in a years’ time (and onward).

I chose to include this set of guides because the content is still extremely thorough and helpful when it comes to creating sites (in general). It gives you a lot of resources to aid in the content creation, list building, traffic generation, and more.

Steve has since moved on to building authority websites (see his overview) but I believe a combination of the previous series mixed with some of these newer strategies can completely change and revitalize the way niche sites are created – it blurs the best of both worlds.

2. Empire Building 101 by EmpireFlippers.com

Okay. I lied.

This choice for the list isn’t one big guide. It’s a massive collection of the best content put out by EmpireFlippers about niche website creation. The collection covers the whole gamut of ideas and strategies that go into building these websites.

On this page you’ll find guides, worksheets, and a whole lot of information related to selling niche sites, the strategy behind the business of site building, and, of course, earning money from these sites.

3. How to Start a Niche Online Business by … Me

I usually refrain from linking anything I do on my website here on AffiliatePrograms.com but this one is a little different because in 2011 I put together an absolutely massive guide to building not just a niche website but a niche business.

The series went into all the main aspects of development from coming up with a great idea to building the site to monetizing the efforts (see one of the posts).

There are some suggestions and ideas that are now a bit outdated but it should point you in the right direction if you want to start off with a niche website and have it grow into something bigger.

4. Niche Site Duel 2.0 by Pat Flynn

The first NSD was an astounding success which brought about a website in the security guard niche that has consistently earned Pat a good deal of money each month (can be seen on his income reports).

The older Duel used many techniques which are now frowned upon by Google (though still very effective in a lot of ways – so do make sure to take a look at the original posts).

This time around there are new strategies due in part of all the changes from search engines, social, and what everyone has learned from the first. The Duel only started some months ago so it’s still being updated so see this as a long-term project than one you can down in an afternoon and move to the next.

5. Niche Site Project 1 & 2 by Spencer Haws

Spencer is a machine when it comes to creating niche websites. He built a massive portfolio over the years, develop a keyword research tool, and continues to expand on all fronts.

So far he’s put together two public niche site creation series for his blog:

The extent of detail Spencer put into these posts are phenomenal. Throughout the series he published results, income reports, and, of course, what he was doing to get everything ranked.

Part 2 of the series took off in mid-2013 and still being updated. There is a lot of new information on most of the techniques that went into the first. It’s quite inspirational.


I originally thought that I would just put together a big list of posts that talked about building niche websites but then I thought how worthless that would be.

Building these niches sites and truly learning from them is best done when it’s like a case study. It’s great when you can work alongside with them to compare notes and goals.

This selection of five tutorial series is more than enough to make you a master at building niche sites. Whenever you take these techniques from here on out is up to you.