In this short post we want to introduce you to Offervault – one of the best affiliate marketing resources online for people seeking new offers to promote.


Basically, Offervault is a big directory of affiliate offers. The offers come from various networks. Currently there are over 39,000 of them.

Every listing comes with information on where a given offer comes from, what the payout is, what the landing page looks like, and a number of other important details. This makes Offervault really handy when you’re researching, and then planning your campaigns.

The basic functionality of Offervault is free to use for everyone. Just go to the homepage of Offervault and use the search field in the middle.


Start with the main keyword defining the niche you’re in. Let’s use “weight loss” as an example.

Searching for this term returns 580 offers (at the time of writing). The results are sorted by payout, however there are some sponsored listings shown on the top.

Displaying available payouts and comparing them side by side seems like a basic feature, but imagine how much time it would take to do it manually. You’d have to go to each network individually, check if they have a given offer in their portfolio, and then see what the payout is.

When you find an offer that looks interesting you can simply click the name of the network where the offer is based, and you will be redirected straight to the signup page of the network.

Now, let’s go back to the homepage of Offervault. If you take a look at the space beneath the search field, you’ll see that there’s an animated stream labeled as “live searches.” These are searches done by other affiliates this very moment. Whenever there’s a lively trend taking place you’re sure to find out about it very quickly if you pay attention to the live searches.


(Also, next to the search field there’s a box presenting the top 10 searches, which is yet another great asset you can use in your research.)


Offervault is also recognized for their weekly webinars providing education to affiliates on a variety of things. In order to get access you just need to register for a free Offervault account.

Speaking of memberships, there are some other benefits of getting a free member account. For instance, you can preview the landing pages of all offers on Offervault. You can also use the “set country” feature to view landing pages for other locations than one you’re currently in.

In the end, Offervault is a great resource for both newbie and advanced affiliate marketers. It not only provides basic info about affiliate offers, but also demographics, relevant keywords, and much more. It simply makes your research that much easier… Highly recommended.