There are many ways of improving your site’s rankings in the search engines. Various SEO companies will sell you on the importance of links, social media exposure, and other things, saying that they are crucial for good SEO. This is of course true, but there are also things you can do yourself, right now, and without having to hire anybody.

Here’s a set of on-page SEO practices that will help your site get better exposure in the search engines.

Site Speed

Site speed is a serious ranking factor for a couple of years now. If the user has to wait 30 seconds for a site to load, it doesn’t matter how valuable the content is, no one will wait long enough to see it anyway.

Always start with a good hosting package. Then you can install a plugin like W3 Total Cache, which will make your site run even faster.

No Broken Links

If Google stumbles upon such links on your site, they know that the webmaster doesn’t treat their job very seriously.

You can find, and then fix broken links with a plugin called Broken Link Checker.

Keywords in URLs

URLs are one of the best places to include your keywords.

Go to your WP admin section of Settings > Permalinks and use “/%postname%/” as your permalink structure. This will let you include keywords into each individual post’s and page’s URL.

Keywords in Page Titles

This is something you can do in WordPress right from the get-go. By default, every post/page title becomes the SEO title of the page.

However, this is not always the perfect solution. If you’re able to set the SEO titles individually, you’re in a lot better situation. Get the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin to get this functionality.

Keywords in Internal Anchor Texts

Good keyword usage is crucial for link building, but it’s also important for internal linking. Make sure to utilize a lot of in-content links that have good anchor texts.

Keyword Density

Keyword density is the original SEO factor. Using your keyword 4-5 times on a page should be enough. Also, whenever possible try to set the keyword to bold or italic.

Unique Content

Most importantly of all, you have to make sure that your content is unique. Google’s goal is to feature original content ONLY. Google fights duplicate content with passion these days, so if your articles are not original, you are in big trouble right from the get-go…

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