There’s a new WordPress plugin around worthy of some attention – OptinSkin. But don’t take our word for it, here’s why OptinSkin is something every beginner affiliate should consider getting.

OptinSkin and Its Purpose

Email subscribers are often the most valuable leads an affiliate can get. The main idea is that once you convince someone to subscribe to your email newsletter you will have a lot easier time promoting various products to such an audience. And indeed, it does work.

OptinSkin can help you with that. It gives you the possibility to include great-looking opt-in forms and social share buttons to your WordPress site.

No programming skills are required, everything is very user-friendly and easy to grasp.

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Customize Your Opt-in Forms

You can choose from 18+ pre-made opt-in forms the plugin provides. If you’re more WordPress savvy you can also use the advanced customization features to make the template sit perfectly within your blog’s design.

Some things you can modify: background colors, title headings, buttons, and more.

Once you’re done creating your opt-in form you can place it anywhere on your blog quite easily. Just follow the instructions given. It only takes a couple of clicks.

Find out how easy OptinSkin is here.

Built-in Stats

Every opt-in form in OptinSkin is equipped with its own stats platform. This means that you can track your impressions and conversions. Then after analyzing the data you can take care of some adjustments to make your opt-in form even more effective.

Analyzing stats and testing things in general is the most crucial element when running any online marketing campaign on an ongoing basis.

In fact, there’s even an advanced split-testing mechanism inside the plugin. You can rotate multiple opt-in forms to find out which is the best converting one. Of course, the plugin takes care of the rotation for you.

If you want to learn more about OptinSkin and its features feel free to check out the quick video below. It’s less than three minutes.

Say “Hello” to OptinSkin from Optin Skin on Vimeo.

As was mentioned in the video, it only takes a couple of sales for the plugin to pay for itself. On top of that, there’s a 60-day money back guarantee. Feel free to test OptinSkin on your own, and if, for some reason, you decide that it’s not a product for you then you can simply ask for a refund.

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