Oranum is a kind of program we haven’t reviewed at AffiliatePrograms.com yet. It is targeted towards affiliates who want to promote esoteric deals and offers, and have a way of reaching audiences actively interested in such topics.

Here’s our affiliate program review of Oranum Affiliates.

Commissions Paid

Oranum pays their affiliates based on the commission model they choose. You can either go with a revenue share commission or a CPA-based commission:

  • The revenue share is 50%.
  • CPA is $40 to $100.
  • There’s also a 2nd tier module where you can take home 20% of what your referred affiliates generate.

The minimum payout amount is $100.


As mentioned above, Oranum targets their offers to people interested in esotericism (alchemy, astrology, spiritualism, mysticism, numerology, etc.).

Their target group is mainly women aged between 25 to 60.

Customer Support

There’s online support available, including live chat, and individual support from your affiliate manager.


Basically, Oranum does their business by providing 24/7 video chat rooms, where customers can talk directly to a number of experts who Oranum partners with.

Oranum actually allows their visitors to chat with experts before spending any money, so they receive a chance to get to know the psychic they’ll be working with later on.

The Good

What’s great about Oranum is the fact that they provide quite a lot of marketing materials, and also try to be up-to-date with things by running their news blog, where they share latest promotions and other pieces of information affiliates can find useful.

As an affiliate, you can use a range of custom link codes pointing to different landing pages, which allows you to display the one you find most likely to work best for your audience.

There are also banners of all different sizes and types. Plus, you can suggest your own if you feel like there’s something missing.

You can even embed a live chat feed in your site. That way people can start chatting with experts right away.

The Bad

Despite all the useful information Oranum shares on their affiliate portal, there’s no mention of any results affiliates can expect from their promotions. There are no estimates regarding conversion rates, CTRs, or earnings per click.

This is something you’ll have to check on your own.

The Bottom Line

Oranum surely seems like an interesting program you can join, but we would advise it only if you’re ready to launch some serious promotions. Simply placing a couple of links on your site probably won’t make you rich anytime soon (considering the $100 payout threshold).

Even though the target group for esotericism is very wide, the conversion rates on general traffic won’t be great, so you’ll need to dig deep to find the right group of people, and this can take a while.