When it comes to running a web site and business online, you will find that there is a ton of simple tasks that will take up your valuable time. Instead of dealing with these issues yourself, there are a great deal of sites out there that can automate these processes for you.

Let’s take a look at a few of the different areas you can start outsourcing, while also improving your overall web site and business models.


Banner Design and Ad Creative

If you aren’t a master at Photoshop or any image editing programs, the idea of throwing together simple banners and ad copy might seem like a nightmare. Fortunately there are a million web sites out there offering design services. Unfortunately many of them are overpriced and too expensive.

The best places to find quality designers that will save you around 20-60% of other high end services, is through webmaster and affiliate marketing forums. There will always be freelance designers looking for work and can usually whip new designs together in just a few hours.

For those of you who like to use web sites and professional services, RightBanners has been doing a ton of graphic design work for people and businesses online. What’s great about RightBanners is that they aren’t extremely expensive and they can provide really high quality work in a short period of time. Banner design rates start around $36.

Finding Quality Content Writers

With more web site and blogs running off the wordpress platform, many people are looking to outsource their content writing efforts. Job Boards are a great place to find writers who are looking for work, or web sites that are looking to hire full and part time writers. If you are looking to hire some new writers for your sites, or even for article and content writing to create inbound links or guest posts, job boards are a great place to start.

There is a small fee to post your job on the top blogger job boards, but you should expect to receive around 20-30+ resume and the majority of writers on these sites already know how to write well and work with WordPress.

In addition to finding writers for wordpress sites, there are also job board and resource sites for finding WordPress Experts.

Outsourcing Your Site Advertising

Selling ad space on your web site is always a big deal. Not only is selling banner ad space one of the main revenue generators for many sites, but it looks pretty bad if you have four ad blocks that all say “Advertise Here”. Instead of trying to sell your own advertising and keeping all of those ad spots left open, there are a few ad networks out there that can start selling banner ads on your site, while taking a small commission.

One of the top networks out there for buying and selling ad space on blogs is BuySellAds. Through their network you can advertise on millions of web sites (most wordpress driven), picking and choosing the ones you want to place banner ads on. They also have a great setup for setting up different ad blocks on your site and banner rotation for advertisers.

Web Site & Logo Design Creation

Just like we talked about banner and ad copy design, creating web sites and logos can be quite the challenge for anyone who is not well trained in this area.

With the growth of design contest web sites like 99Designs and LogoMyWay, you can create a contest (job) and a bunch of designers will complete and provide you with their work. At the end of the contest period you will get to choose from all of the submissions and pay for the best design you like.

The work can be anything you can think of, from simple logo design work to creating full web sites or wordpress themes. You can usually expect a couple hundred submissions on your contests depending on the amount you are paying. The minimum price for most design contests is around $299.

Start Outsourcing Today

As you can see, when you start breaking down all of the little tasks, there are actually many web sites and services out there that can do it for you. In addition to the sites mentioned about, it’s always a good idea to look at other micro job sites like oDesk, eLance and Fiverr.