Pagerank can be a beautiful thing!

Google’s PageRank, an algorithm developed to create a certain “value” to websites, is one of the most heated topics of debate in Search Engine Optimization.

In this article, we’ll explore Google PageRank and how it impacts your website and affiliate business – hopefully, without too much speculation.

What we do and don’t know about PageRank

Before you can understand the impact of PageRank, there are a few items that need to be discussed before pressing on – mainly, what we don’t know; that is:

  • No one, but Google, knows how PageRank is calculated
  • No one, but Google, knows how PageRank is assigned
  • No one, but Google, knows how PageRank effects search rankings

However, although we don’t know the specific details of PageRank, we can take a few educated guesses and assumptions based on what we can see; that is:

  • PageRank is a numerical “value” to websites
  • Links from high PageRank websites often have greater weight on SEO

Informative, valuable websites often carry a high PageRank because these are the same type of websites that receive large amounts of traffic, backlinks, and community interaction.

Examples of high PageRank websites are,, and; users (and Google) have deemed extremely important.

As a website owner, links from high PageRank websites will often result in a marginal “bump” to your own PR.

For example, links from major news sources or government websites, due to their own high PR, will “tell” Google that your website has valuable information that’s relevant to your main keywords and community.

The chances of receiving such high PR links are far and a few but it’s completely possible; these links, along with your own work, will ultimately help improve your PageRank and search engine rankings (generally, remember – no one knows the specifics).

So, how does all of this add up for your affiliate business and its website?

  1. You should know that there is no guarantee to PageRank; this means that paying for PageRank “services” may not actually be effective as you have been lead to believe.
  2. You can now focus your strategy on providing an incredible service to your community through valuable content, resources, and networking.
  3. You now have a general direction for your link building campaigns.

PageRank, despite being an unknown territory for everyone outside of Google, can still be worthy of your time and resources; your attempts to be the best will be rewarded with a PageRank bump.