With an increasing need for fresh, quality content to combat Google SEO algorithm changes such as Panda and Penguin, it’s becoming difficult for website owners to keep up with the demand. There have been dozens of tools that grace the affiliate marketing universe throughout the years from content spinners to autoblogging software but these merely laid a bandage over the inherent problems.

The three problems, in question, are:

  1. Creating worthwhile content
  2. Landing good rankings in Google
  3. Increasing website traffic

Now there’s a new tool that aims to “un-market” the marketing aspect of content creation: PageOne Curator.

What is PageOne Curator?

The “Google Zoo” of updates against low quality websites has been a blessing for affiliate marketing, according to the creators of PageOne Curator.

Why? Because it has cleared and shook up the rankings, washed away the low quality websites, and opened a new path for those that genuinely want to deliver value to a community without the need to continually tweak SEO, game the system, and deploy black hat techniques.

Here’s the thing, it’s nothing new what PageOne Curator is doing – it’s just a revival of what ethical website creators have been harping for years: content creation and strategy.

PageOne Curator aims to provide the following through its tool:

  • Find and curate content across the web using keywords and feeds
  • Analyze and examine keywords to understand the interest in the topic
  • Remotely control multiple websites from a single location
  • Curate content so it’s naturally crediting original content sources
  • Integrate multi-media into your new content to give it added value and interest
  • Optimize each post with SEO (without going overboard)

In essence, the feature set attached to PageOne Curator is that it acts much like a keyword research tool and content editing suite. You spend less time hunting down content, distilling the information, cross-linking, optimizing, and adding media.

Pricing, Feedback, Support, and More

PageOne Curator is set at a reasonable rate for the features it delivers.

At $47, you gain a single user licence which is great for those managing multiple websites (or just one) but for those that utilize a team of people, there is a $97 option that grants 5 licenses.

Here’s what a few users are currently saying about the software:

From a team of just a few, there is a lot of support (forums, tickets, emails) for this up-and-coming product. The features speak for it but what truly matters is the results which have begun to pour in for those on board with the software.

In terms of longevity, content creation, marketing, and curation should be your number one goal for 2012 and beyond.

In Review

How does PageOne Curator break down?

The Good

  • A combination of keyword and content creation tool streamlines your work
  • Automatic multi-media support and cross-linking is a blessing
  • You’re saving a lot of time from doing massive research on a topic

The Bad

  • The program is desktop bound (it would be nice to see it as a cloud-based app)
  • Having a small team, there may be downtime in support and feature updates
  • The automatic SEO features could be abused (as always)

The Bottom Line

SEO tactics come and go. Blog networks have failed. We’re at whim of the all-mighty Google.

There will always be the hot, fad “secrets” of gaming the system that will certainly be tempting but the best course of action if you plan to be an authority in your market is to deliver quality content because it’s content that makes the web go ‘round.

PageOne Curator saves you time and energy crafting the right content for your audience. In affiliate marketing, your time is most valuable and a tool like this will ensure that none of it is going to waste all-the-while pushing out the content that will grow your brand and business.

Our thoughts on PageOne Curator? 3.5/5