Pixabay is quickly becoming my #1 source of creative for just about any online project (including the images you’ll find on recent posts here on AffiliatePrograms.com).

I wholeheartedly triumph this website because it finally provides mind-blowingly good images on just about every type of subject. These are very high quality and best of all… they are free.

Normally bloggers and site owners may just jump over to Google, do a few generic searches, and find an image to match the content but here’s where we have an issue:


  • Like most Google searches it’s rare that people will go further than the first page
  • The images appearing on the first page have been used endlessly
  • More than half the time you don’t know if they are copyright material

The second option we have for high-quality creative is to check out some of the stock photo sites (far too many to mention but you know the ones I’m talking about). The artists & photographers upload amazing work, no doubt, but pricing can really stop you from grabbing that perfect picture.

The third option would be to trawl through creative common search engines. These search engines provide a good mix of creative but, again, we run into the problem where it’s limited and most people are going to choose the first set of images (so it’s done everywhere).

I am in love with Pixabay because of a few things you’ll notice as soon as you hit the site:

  • The images are gorgeous and (if you sign up) allows you to pick a wide range of sizes to fit just about anything you’re doing with the creative (blog post headers, brochures, etc).
  • It uses the Creative Commons Deed CC0 which means that free for commercial use and you don’t need to attribute the author (though it’s good nature to do so).
  • You have simple search features that allow you to dig into photos, vector graphics, and illustrations (and further refine it through orientation, category, color, and more).

Just take a look at some of the recent Editor’s choices and tell me where you’ll find images like these (without shelling out money):

Image by Gromovataya

Image by DirtyOpi

Image by Unsplash

Image by Yorgunum

Image by Bessi

Dig deeper and you will find plenty of stock photography that works well for any project.

This is the site I shall be using from this point forward for my creative. It’s free, it has tons of great images, the creative commons is a big win, and there’s always something new.

What’s your favorite source for images in your projects?