Popup Domination is a product, created by Michael Dunlop of the IncomeDiary fame, which provides a simple-to-install lightbox popup for building email lists and subscribers without much need for the technical know-how of web programming.

The initial launch of the product came some time ago and I was quick to purchase the plugin for one of my websites because, like we’ve all heard, “the money is in the list.”

Now I’d like to give you my feedback about the product and how it can be used, within your website and affiliate business, for truly astounding list building purposes.

What is Popup Domination?

Know what a popup is? Know list building? Than you know what Popup Domination is.

Popup Domination is a product which allows you to easily install and configure a light box plugin that’s used to build an email list. People that land on your website will be shown this popup based on your preferences; it’s visually appealing and in-your-face which makes it easier to bring awareness to your email list rather than burying it off to the sidebar or deep within a landing page.

Here’s what’s included in the purchase:

  • A flexible, visually stunning popup design (so people don’t immediately think “ugh!”)
  • Page level targeting (to have it popup on specific, targeted areas of your site)
  • Complete customization of the popup themes (colors, design, etc)
  • Built-in A/B testing
  • Analytics within the product for testing

The current version of Popup Domination comes as a WordPress plugin (for WordPress sites, obviously) and a Standalone version (for all others); it also integrates with Aweber, iContact, Constant Contact, MailChimp, and GetResponse (the main email marketing providers).

Some of the biggest names in the industry are currently using the product too, such as:

  • Yanik Silver (Underground Online Seminar)
  • Lewis Howes (FB Influence)
  • Ryan Lee (Lots of business ventures)
  • Erica Douglas (Erica.biz)
  • James Dyson (OptimizePress)

The use of popups (entry, exit, under, and the others) has been around the web for ages so the whole Popup Domination product isn’t exactly revolutionary but it does give you the right tools and ability to design a popup which isn’t nearly as intrusive (or blocked) by users and browsers.

Yes, you could go overboard and have the popup hit people the moment they land on your site, time and time again but there are options to set cookies so people won’t see it again after the first time and only see it based on your set schedule (doing this stops people from automatically backing out when they land on your website).

You can see a demo of it in action on this page of the product site.

Using the Product for List Building

Another tool to add to the ever-growing laundry list of “must haves”, you say?

List building isn’t for everyone especially if you don’t have the time to manage one (it’s often better to avoid it completely than start one you ultimately neglect). However, those that do implement and understand the power of list building will instantly see that Popup Domination has great ROI.

Once installed, you would want to configure the plugin so it matches your design, contains enticing copywriting, include your list building freebie image, and be set on a schedule that it doesn’t annoy regular readers.

Within a day you’ll notice your list begin to grow exponentially compared to previous efforts.

It’s quite easy to understand, psychological that is: It puts your opt-in right in the face of visitors so your message gets straight through to them – it’s basically a popup sales page.

You’ll want to play with the options as the product runs on your website to get the most from it such as tweaking the design, copywriting, and imagery – just like split testing.

Track your analytics with the program and you’re good to go!

Will It Work for You?

In short: Popup Domination will work on any website if you’re doing the right list building strategies.

Some websites don’t seem like they would benefit from an email list but the reality is that if you want to get in touch with your community than an email list is always viable if you want to expand your reach (especially with those that don’t want to follow on social media channels).

I would recommend that, when installing, you use a different, identical tracking code for your list building with the product; this will give you the best understanding of how effective Popup Domination is for your site.

After it’s been running for a week – go into your website analytics to measure the overall “worth” of list building versus visitation. You may notice that your bounce rate has gone up so ask whether gaining list subscribers was worth this drop – if you’re okay with it – keep it running!

$77 isn’t that heavy of investment in a product which will really get your list building running at high-octane – just make sure you’re doing the right copywriting to maximize your conversions on the opt-in forms.

Popup Domination: Wrap Up

I’ve had great success with Popup Domination since I first installed it onto one of my blogs; I saw a great rise in subscribers within the first week compared to just using sidebar and bottom-of-post opt-in boxes provided by Aweber.

Yes, I admit that popups aren’t exactly the most wonderful things on the web (especially for anyone that remembers the old days) but I can’t deny how effective the product is for building up a list.

Here are the final thoughts:

The Good

  • Extremely easy to install and looks fantastic
  • Can be integrated with most email marketing services
  • Very, very effective at growing an email list

The Bad

  • Your community may not appreciate the popup
  • $77 is a high price tag for a simple piece of software like this
  • You gain a lot of “freebie hunters” on your list

The Bottom-Line

Despite the price tag and the fact that it seems to draw in a lot of “freebie hunters”, the list growth is enough to warrant the purchase especially if you can remove those “freebie hunters” from your list within a few steps.

We know a list is one of the most powerful assets of operating an affiliate business – having an ample amount of subscribers is the second element. Popup Domination does the trick and does it well.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5

Popups suck but if you’re building a long-term business and need to jumpstart (and explode) your list subscribers than Popup Domination is the product for you.