Affiliate Marketing is closely associated with the Web because it’s the easiest channel to explore opportunities but it doesn’t need to be confined to the online World.

Print media and direct advertising are still multi-billion dollar industries and despite what people say about them dying – they’re still here and they’re going to stay (for a long while).

Direct mail is reaching leads, as you could imagine, through mail. Surely you’ve received a letter, post card, flyer, or catalog which directed you to a business website. What if you were to send people to an affiliate website?

Here are some of the basics of getting started with direct mail that’s coupled with Affiliate Marketing.

An Example Campaign

Post cards are easy to send and are dirt cheap from the right supplier; their small size means you won’t need to create extensive copy.

The idea of the campaign would ideally be the following:

1. Select a single product you would like to promote based on the demographics of a chosen area

2. Sign up for the affiliate program

3. Outsource creative work to a design to create a post card that will catch the eye

4. Develop a short (50 – 100 word) pitch that will draw interest in the product

5. Create a lead generation page to collect information or a product page (simple, one-page site)

6. Submit your design and creative to a post card supplier and fulfilment company

7. Track results and begin split testing by using variations of the URL

The post cards are delivered to the addresses you can obtain through mail listings (or collected from online directories). The conversion rate may be low but so are the costs which is why you would want to promote a high-value product (to maximize earnings on the conversions).

The Resources

There really isn’t too much you’ll need to do in starting a post card campaign. I would suggest setting a budget of $100 – $200 as a test and see how it goes. Here are some of the resources to get started:


  • 99Designs – This website allows you to let designers bid on your project so all you will need to do is convey the general idea and let the designers “battle” it out.
  • Fiverr – Great for if you need quick mocks and designs; quality may not be the best but for simple campaigns they can certainly get the job done.
  • GraphicRiver – Here you can find many different print templates and designs that are high quality for a great price; most let you do simple edits and will be ready to go.


  • USPS – The U.S. post service has services that allow you to do mass mailing; it’s worth checking here to get a base price.
  • Vistaprint – A well-known brand that provides a myriad of printing services which could facilitate the post cards; they offer a three step process that anyone can do.
  • UPrinting – Another company you can find online to submit designs, print, and send out post cards to a list.


  • WordPress – You could find a simple one-page design that displays the product, has an attractive description, and a buy now link that sends them to the affiliate page.
  • LeadPages – A popular choice of lead generating pages that you can setup in minutes; you could build a list and conduct an email campaign to sell the product rather direct linking.
  • Just Link – Skip the whole “middle man” and send people to the sales page (after a page redirect); this really depends on how well the product/sales page is presented or the marketplace it’s being found (Amazon is great, for example).

Print isn’t dead. Affiliate Marketing is still growing. Combine the two and you could see yourself with brand new revenue method that works for you.

Image by condesign