If you are going to be spending money on your ppc advertising campaigns, you are going to want to make sure they convert and continue to bring in quality leads over the life of the campaign. It’s never enough to throw up your first landing page and selected keywords and simply hope for the best.

In this post we are going to highlight five different tips for increasing your pay per click ads profitability and depth.

1.) Use Google’s Webmaster and Advertising Tools

Google provides the majority of web site owners and advertisers with an amazing set of traffic and conversion tools. You need to be using all of these tools to your advantage. Google Analytics can be used to see what keywords are actually being used to send people to your site through your organic and paid listings, while other tools like Google Insight and Trends can be used to find new keywords and what people are searching for online.

2.) Insertion of Dynamic Keywords

If you are going to be writing the static ad campaigns for your ppc marketing, it’s important to realize that not all ad copies will be relevant to the user search. Thanks to dynamic keywords you can place keyword codes into your ad copy that will replace other wording, making them more relevant in the search results and grabbing the user’s attention.

3.) Keep an Eye on Your Competition

Knowing who your competition is and how they are advertising in the search engines is a huge factor. You can learn a lot from other advertisers in your same market and what keywords and ad copy work. Look at some of the long standing advertisers and see what titles and action words they are using to convert users into leads and sales.

4.) Continually Improve and Optimize Landing Pages

As mentioned earlier, you will never succeed in ppc marketing if you are just going to throw up one landing page and hope for the best. The key to making any ad campaign profitable is being able to continually tweak, track and improve your ad copy. Through the use of keyword tracking, heat maps and conversion / pixel tracking, you should always have new data that helps you improve your landing pages.

5.) Expanding to New Traffic Sources

While many advertisers are focused on promoting their landing pages and ad campaigns through one search engine, it’s important to realize there are other search engines in the world. If you are already doing well with one search engine, be sure to take the time to take your winning data and ad copies and replicate the setup on another search engine or traffic source.

Planning for Success with Your PPC Ad Campaigns

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to continually improve your ppc ad campaigns. Through the use of ppc tracking platforms that the search engines provide for you, and knowing how to track conversions and pull out the top performing keywords, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to create a winning ad campaign.

This Post was written by Zac Johnson
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