Unless you’re a certified Google Adwords professional or a wizard at crafting and implementing PPC (Pay-Per-Click) strategies than you most likely outsource or have an in-house employee working solely on your marketing campaigns.

Business owners already have enough on their plate between the daily tasks of managing the business let alone landing new leads and sales. The following are a few PPC tools I’ve discovered to greatly reduce the stress and anguish of trying to figure out (and implement) PPC campaigns for your business.


Clickable aims to be an all-in-one solution to PPC advertising for small and large businesses. Their ad platform ties together the major networks including Google Adwords, Microsoft AdCenter, Facebook Advertising, and other areas such as mobile.

The main tools behind Clickable aid business owners conducting their own advertising by allowing its users to easily view, implement, and manage multiple PPC campaigns through the service. Additionally, Clickable provides help, as an option, with specialists that will aid in setting up campaigns, reporting, keyword research, and beyond.


Wordstream is a combination of tools and services for getting the most out of PPC campaigns. Their main PPC Advisor tool is used for keyword discovery, analysis, grouping, targeting, and all the features you’d expect to receive for a platform for managing pay-per-click advertising. Wordstream also has a variety of great, free tools for keyword research and Adwords refinement.

Services through Wordstream are regarded as some of the best in the business with different levels of subscriptions that give you access to their team for keyword research, ad creation, bid management, strategy conference calls, and much more.


Lastly, ClickSweeper is another competitor in the PPC management world worthy of your interest as it brings many of the same, great features for managing Google Adwords and Bing AdCenter all under one roof.

Clicksweeper has a variety of build in tools for ad management, alerting systems, tracking and optimization, trend graphs, performance monitors, and reporting. Out of the three, Clicksweeper comes at the greatest discount in costs.

As a business owner, your time is precious which is why a PPC tool may be your next, great investment to improve your online advertising and make more money.