Affiliate marketing has a host of wonderful opportunities to earn a living with the promotion affiliate offers being the main staple of the bunch. There are other opportunities to earn an income such as selling information products or listing freelance services you’ve picked up during your tenure as an affiliate marketer.

Today, however, let’s go in a new direction and talk about premium posts.

Premium posts have begun popping up as of late; they’re expanded blog posts that come with a small monetary cost. In many ways, it’s like publishing a Kindle ebook on your website and setting a lock on the post.

In this article, you’ll learn why this model could be effective in your business, how to integrate the model, and ways to expand the offer for additional gain.

The Psychology of Premium

The word premium carries a certain ‘weight’ which tells the potential buyer that the information contained, inside, exceeds the value of that of which is given up-front. A frequent visitor of your website may have gained a wealth of knowledge through your free information which makes a premium post that much more enticing since it warrants a cost.

Likewise, offering premium items on your website helps build your Web authority because you’ve gone the extra mile to create something that defines your placement within your niche.

In all, premium may turn off some individuals but will bring in the one’s that truly matter: buyers. Once you gain that list of buyers – everything else becomes streamlined since you can continually deliver new items to the list which will be received with open arms.

The Premium Post Opportunities

Simply look at a premium post much like as if you are publishing an eBook but not as lengthy and often far more specific in topic.

For example: If your niche was related to model trains and you regularly publish great posts, reviews, and insights about the hobby than you could hone in on one of the biggest topics, perhaps something like miniature building, and write out a very expansive tutorial on how to properly setup a room and the landscape for the model train.

You can see a real-world example of this on

Yes, silly example but it should give you the right mindset for what’s to follow.

Consider the following actions for crafting premium posts:

  • Aim for a length of nearly 5,000 – 10,000 words
  • Keep it very specific to one of the biggest topics and interests of your blog
  • Include additional media such as videos, audio, and worksheets

In essence: create a mini-ebook.

Then, do the following:

  • Package the work as a PDF file and create a minimal sales page which can easily be tacked on to your resource page or listed in the sidebar.
  • Alternatively, use a fan gate plugin to which sets a ‘barrier’ so people cannot read the work until they have shared it on social media sites (this is great for if you wish to aim for exposure over income).

You can expand on your offers by planning out an entire series of premium posts related to a specific topic or even create a combo pack which sells all of the posts at a reduced price.

The Affiliate Integration

Immediately, you may feel that having individuals pay for your long-form content would fizzle your ability to promote affiliate products but the truth if far from it:

  • Premium posts could be a tutorial with frequent mentions of an affiliate product used throughout the entirety of the post; it could even be a tutorial post specific to the product!
  • People that have already purchased your premium post will have incentive to purchase other products because they’ve already moved through the sales funnel and their mind is in a buying mood.

There is a fine line for affiliate promotion, however. It’s not recommended that you go too overboard or the buyer may feel they were swindled just to see a giant advertisement. The blog post must have incredible value for the buyer that can be completed without the purchase of an additional product/service but you can certainly work the angles to include offers as a bonus.

Give It a Try

Premium posts can become a great way to earn additional, passive income within your affiliate marketing business. The pricing may not be that of a major product but they can quickly add up due the ease of creating these types of offers. It’s worth a shot for those that are great at piecing together content – give it a try!