Throughout this week we plan to bring you an excellent set of ideas, strategies, and suggestions for taking advantage of the holiday season.

Though each holiday is special there are five that should be five at the top of your list if you want to earn the most in affiliate marketing during the rest of the year.

These include:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Christmas
  • New Years

They make the list because they are the holidays which bring out the biggest spending. Thanksgiving focuses heavily on food, Black Friday/Cyber Monday mostly around electronics, Christmas covering just about everything, and New Years when it comes to partying. Each present different challenges and a whole lot of income earning opportunity.

In part one of this five part series we’ll be taking a look at: Christmas.

Here are some ideas, strategies, and suggestions to make some good affiliate earnings…

Christmas: A Joyful Time of Giving

Christmas is the big holiday when it comes to making extra money during the holidays because each year the preparations starts earlier and earlier. Although it’s silly seeing Christmas items up even before Halloween is over it just shows that people want an early start which means you too should begin with the foundation well before December hits.

During the holiday you can pretty much run wild with the promotions. Everything is going to be on sale, people have plenty of gifts to pick up, and you’ve got a long stretch of time to run the promos.


  • Again, like the others, I would suggest re-theming the website to give it some Christmas flair; it’s a bit cheesy but sets the holiday mood
  • A popular thing I’ve noticed during the Christmas holiday is doing a countdown but in the affiliate case you could do something like the 25 Days of X for your niche
  • Gift cards are always a popular choice to promote because so many are indecisive and purchase gifts at the last minute so be sure to promote those
  • Now would be a great time to crowdsource your community for content where people can share their stories and what plans they have for the holiday
  • It’s also a great time to give away a lot of things so if you have a lower-tiered product/service in your assets then consider handing it out to a few of your best community members


  • Ebooks, lists, and reviews are, again, the choice content to create
  • Get heavy with the video, too
  • Look at the data on your community and create the content around low, medium, and high income earners so you can promote a wide range of products versus sticking to a general budget
  • Be mindful of other cultures and their holiday plans so you can include them, too, outside of the Christmas promotions
  • Get to guest blogging so you can pull in additional traffic during this time or even team up with a number of other site owners to do cross promotions (this works especially well if each individual of the group has a product to offer so you all could do a bundle deal)
  • Don’t forget about doing some offline promotions, too, like helping family/friends do their shopping, running a few print ads, or continuing hosting workshops around this time


Around this time I’ve found that it’s much less about the individual products you’re promoting and more about just getting them to an affiliated website. For me the holiday works well with Amazon because people can do all their Christmas shopping in one place which results in higher earnings.

This is also a time a lot of people are taking off for work so you will see a slight dip in traffic on certain days but stay strong and keep at it. You’ll also notice that other site owners are taking time off which means you have the perfect opportunity to overtake their presence in your niche.

Think outside the box, too, by offering suggestions for your niche that aren’t found on other websites. Really use your knowledge of your niche to find promotions that pair up well with the normal promotions. Lots of people want to find that unique item for their loved ones and if you try enough it could be you that brings it to their attention.


As with every affiliate marketing campaign we would suggest to keep all assets you generate for this holiday because they can be used again next year. Each year you’ll get better and better at promoting offers during this holiday (and this will be reflected in your commissions).

Get started as soon as you can – the earlier the better – if you want to gain the most opportunities at earning. Good luck and happy holidays!