Throughout this week are bringing you an excellent set of ideas, strategies, and suggestions for taking advantage of the holiday season.

Though each holiday is special there are five that should be five at the top of your list if you want to earn the most in affiliate marketing during the rest of the year.

These include:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Christmas
  • New Years

They make the list because they are the holidays which bring out the biggest spending. Thanksgiving focuses heavily on food, Black Friday/Cyber Monday mostly around electronics, Christmas covering just about everything, and New Years when it comes to partying. Each present different challenges and a whole lot of income earning opportunity.

In part one of this five part series we’ll be taking a look at: Cyber Monday.

Here are some ideas, strategies, and suggestions to make some good affiliate earnings…

Cyber Monday: Bring on the Deals (Again)

Cyber Monday follows Black Friday and was usually reserved to online sales (Black Friday = retail, Cyber Monday = ecommerce). However, most of this has spilled over so you’ll see a lot of retail stores going after Cyber Monday with promotions especially if they can get people to order online and ship to store.

Overall Cyber Monday has pretty much became Black Friday since so many people stay at home and order online anyway so the good news is that you can use many of the assets and strategies from Black  Friday for your Cyber Monday promotions.


  • Stay on top of the great deals that are about to be released by scanning deals forums and websites which pre-list items that are going on sale during Cyber Monday so you can get those promotions in order
  • Put together some sort of guide on “surviving Cyber Monday” which can help those that haven’t really participated in this shopping spree navigate their way around the various deals (finding the best ones) and using your site
  • Do a “price watch” set of live updates on the big products in your market since there will be constant, rolling deals throughout the day which each give you opportunities to share on social media and as part of your website


  • Create lists about all the different types of products & services your community may use within your niche; don’t limit it to products – go after the online services and also doing lists of the online sites you’d recommend which is a blanket approach to getting people through your affiliate link
  • Get the community to share what deals they have found by implementing a forum or some form of live blogging/social medium so that others can join in on the shopping; you can use this opportunity to link reviews, lists, and other resources to what others are sharing
  • Be “that person” that finds the best deals for people (like family and friends) during this holiday because a lot of them will be overwhelmed but certainly want to score a few deals; being there to find them the deals (and send your affiliate link) will make for quick earnings


Try to carry over much of your Black Friday efforts into your Cyber Monday promotions though do so in a way that they don’t look like you’ve just copy and pasted. The easiest way to do this is by theming it from feeling retail to feeling like it’s “cyber” (check out the themes and stock photos on this one).

Try to go with the family/friend route and see what they have on their list of items they want to pick up during the Cyber Monday sales. Most of this stuff you can find real fast with your knowledge of the Web so all you need to do is send them back the list with links and you should be good to go.

Don’t overload your users with the promotions because there will be thousands to choose from. Instead try to make a keen selection of quality items and services so you don’t ruin your reputation by becoming a spammer or through the promotion of lame items.


As with every affiliate marketing campaign we would suggest to keep all assets you generate for this holiday because they can be used again next year. Each year you’ll get better and better at promoting offers during this holiday (and this will be reflected in your commissions).

Get started as soon as you can – the earlier the better – if you want to gain the most opportunities at earning. Good luck and happy holidays!