Throughout this week we plan to bring you an excellent set of ideas, strategies, and suggestions for taking advantage of the holiday season.

Though each holiday is special there are five that should be five at the top of your list if you want to earn the most in affiliate marketing during the rest of the year.

These include:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Christmas
  • New Years

They make the list because they are the holidays which bring out the biggest spending. Thanksgiving focuses heavily on food, Black Friday/Cyber Monday mostly around electronics, Christmas covering just about everything, and New Years when it comes to partying. Each present different challenges and a whole lot of income earning opportunity.

In part one of this five part series we’ll be taking a look at: Thanksgiving.

Here are some ideas, strategies, and suggestions to make some good affiliate earnings…

Thanksgiving: Bring on the Food

Thanksgiving is about food and family so if you can make those your two priorities, in your marketing, than you’re pretty much set in terms of earning some nice commissions.


  • Develop posts around Thanksgiving Day activities such as BBQing or crafts
  • Write family-friendly posts which suggest products and services that’ll make for fun activities
  • Use your emails to say what you’re thankful for and integrate offers into the mix
  • Involve the community (on social platforms) to share their Thanksgiving ideas/stories


  • Re-theme your website so that it looks and feels a bit like Thanksgiving (turkey, fall colors, etc)
  • Do the same for your email marketing newsletters and social profiles
  • Work with product/service developers so you can promote discounts and coupons
  • Create a number of tutorials around having the best Thanksgiving
  • Write a small guide (ebook) that can be used to promote products/services


My suggestions would be to work heavily on promoting the emotional ties people have with Thanksgiving which is family first and then the food. This is one of the few days people have off and really come together so if you can work in that emotion you will get them to overcome the buyer remorse they may have when purchasing products/services around the holiday.

Promoting items around BBQing (and other cooking), crafts for the kids, and even lawn games and activities are a good mix to throw in there because much of the day is generally spent outside, then in for eating, and usually a Football game afterward.

Of course I would also make the suggestion of taking a look at the competition to see what they’re doing and going ahead, using one up strategies, and do them one better so it’s your affiliate promotions that gain all the attention.


As with every affiliate marketing campaign we would suggest to keep all assets you generate for this holiday because they can be used again next year. Each year you’ll get better and better at promoting offers during this holiday (and this will be reflected in your commissions).

Get started as soon as you can – the earlier the better – if you want to gain the most opportunities at earning. Good luck and happy holidays!