It seems that every day there is a new product launch; on occasion we get to witness the major ones coming from the top businesses in the industry.

When these times come around there is a lot of buzz you can ride and earn bank.

If you approach it the right way then you can easily earn quite a bit of commission from these product launches without having to do the heavy work. By associating your brand to the launch, and timing it right, you’ll funnel individuals through your link as the buzz reaches its peak.

Here are some of the ways you can go about profiting off product launches that aren’t yours:

  • Interviews – Get in touch with the product creator just around the time of the product launch and conduct an interview. In the interview (best if it’s in podcast form) you can discuss the topic and work with the individual to send people to a landing page promoting the product. Since you’re already talking with them you may also be able to get a discount for your followers which would further improve on the conversions.
  • Micro Sites – In a few short hours you can whip up a small site dedicated to the product launch. You see this happen frequently with the larger launches. On the site you could delve into some of the main topics, have a thorough review (if you received an early copy), and create other content that fills in the necessities. These types of sites are a quick flash in the pan and don’t hold much value later down the line but can be quite lucrative if you’re able to rank it in time for the product launch.
  • Arbitrage – Take some of your money and dump it into advertising. First, check with the product creator to see what sort of advertising you can do (so you don’t misrepresent the brand) and then get it going on Facebook, AdWords, and other advertising channels. By advertising you’re not only sending a flood of targeted traffic through your affiliate link but you’re also gauging the reception by having access to the analytics. Knowing how well the ad performs can give you a great idea on whether the launch is a winner or a dud so you’re not stuck investing a great deal of time into the thing if it’s the later.

Outside of these three main methods (ones which are most effective) you’re always welcome to go ahead and create content for your site such as reviews, breakdowns, unboxing, impressions, and so forth. It really comes down to timing. You want your content to be what shows up when someone searches about the product launch so start early, go hard, and wedge your way in there to make a good deal of money off the buzz.

Image by Kakisky