There are many different types of content you can push to your website to build your Web traffic and community engagement – – but it’s likely that you’re skipping out on quite a few that are extremely easy to conduct. More so, these ones you pass over are costing you a ton of free traffic because they’re known to be big hits within social media (aka. more shares).

Here are some of the ones you should be doing (not only just to change up your format but to capitalize on the free traffic):

The Interview Post

It’s interesting to see so few site owners utilizing the interview-style blog post because they’re actually very easy to conduct and can be quickly thrown together in a single afternoon (with the right participation). An interview can be done through many different media such as email, video chats, audio, or in-person.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Start to build a rapport with an interview you deem viable for an interview; comment on their blog posts, send them an email, follow and chat on social media, buy their products, and do, generally, whatever it takes to get in touch.

2. Send over a casual contact introducing yourself along with some of the things you really like about what they’re offering; this will start the process of networking.

3. See if you can help them within their projects by lending a helping hand. You will get deeper within their circle and a real business connection will begin to form.

4. Contact them about doing an interview once you feel comfortable with the network relationship; stay flexible with the type of interview media.

5. Conduct the interview, ask great questions, pull out the best information, and somehow tie their message to a product they’re promoting (which you could become an affiliate promoter).

Doing these interviews will let you leverage their expertise and authority within the niche which will bring their community to your website. Likewise, others that have heard of their name may discover your search listing and, with the right funnel, become absorbed within your community!

The “Holy Crap It’s True!” Post

There are a lot of claims on the Internet and you can never be quite too sure if they’re real. There are many individuals that take the time to do the due diligence to find out the real scoop behind a product or service. However, many site owners only go as deep as face value; they promote products they don’t really know so that makes the Web full of false claims.

What you want to do is to peel back the reality of the topic …

1. Find something that has long-term viability by doing the research into trends (this can be a product, service, or a general idea of information). Find something with big claims that many people seem to believe and buy up like hot-cakes.

2. Become an owner of said product/service/train-of-thought, and really put it into practice for a good deal of time so you get nice and deep into fully understanding of what value it has to offer.

3. Do an expose that meticulously details every claim made by the producer. Take the role of an investigative journalist exposing what’s really happening behind-the-scenes with a hot product.

This type of post is few and far between, it seems, with many affiliate marketers because they don’t want to take the time (nor investment) in a product if it turns out to be a dud. However, your community will be forever grateful for what you bring to light especially if it saves them the financial investment that could have been blown – – from that you build trust and from that trust you build regular buyers.

The “Overcoming All Odds” Post

People love a good story; it’s one of the reasons why many avid readers return to some of their beloved books over and over again (because they know how great it makes them feel). The same can be said with blog posts that show how you overcame a major obstacle within your life whether it’s something personal or a business goal.

This type of post can be approach in the following manner …

1. Keep track of your ideas and goals from the very moment you set out into a project, and then share those goals with your community.

2. Put 200% effort in reaching your goals by doing everything (and anything) possible; you want to have this goal become the main focus of your life – it’s your muse.

3. Find an angle that best suits your story whether it’s something like the class “rags to riches” or “sudden superhero” type story arch. Document how you changed from the beginning to where you’re at.

4. Compile everything you’ve learned and experienced, and package it into an insightful, personal post for your website. Don’t hold back the tears and blood; let people know how hard you worked to get where you’re at.

This type of real-life story really engages the audience because it makes it personal; they feel as if they were part of the ride because they knew you were on a mission. In the end, whether you were success or not, it doesn’t matter because you gave your readers something truly unique that can’t be replicated by other content producers, and it’s this type of content that makes you stand out in the niche.

So … what type of content, from this list, will you employ next?