As someone that has been in the trenches day and day out, of online business and affiliate marketing, I can honestly say there are some days when you feel drained.

You try to muster the energy to keep working on projects but you’re simply too tired to continue.

When you take this lapse in your work a few things begin to happen:

  • You’ll see your sites get a dip in traffic and conversions
  • You’ll see your social profiles reach less and less individuals
  • You’ll see yourself becoming overwhelmed with restarting

Every once in a while you need a proper recharge and as someone that has been going through this slump lately (and coming out of it) I’ve noticed a few things to be highly effective with recharging those batteries for work:

  • Travel (even if it’s a short trip) – When you’re abroad (or even spending a time in a new city) you get to experience a myriad of fun events, cultural exchanges, new foods, and activities. By placing yourself into these situations you’re bound to find inspiration for your work because it gives you a fresh set of eyes on the world around you. It can be a day trip or a prolonged, one month venture into the wild. The point is that by stepping away, just long enough (but not too long) you’ll feel a revitalization for your work and come back swinging.
  • Collaborate – Another way to get a fresh set of eyes and a great deal of inspiration is by working with fellow business associations and connections. To do one better go completely outside of your industry and see what others have in mind for ideas and ways to improve the business. It doesn’t need to turn in the next big thing but little projects here and there can keep your mind off the daily drudge you may be experiencing with your main line of online work.
  • Pivot – Working on the same industry, applying the same strategies, associating with the same people, and creating related content can become a drag once you’re a few years in there are moments when it really does becomes stale. Take a chance and pivot your business. It may mean you’re starting fresh but you already know the strategies so you shouldn’t have too hard a problem finding yourself working on a fresh industry that had caught your interest sometime back.

These are the ones that have really given me the ‘oompf’ to really fall in love with the work and industry, again, and I’m sure they will to. Remember what happens when you take too long off and start to lose interest… there’s no reason to give it up because you’re becoming worn out from your type of work.

Image by Alvimann