If you’re publishing new content each day you’re already on the fast track to gaining higher search rankings and fueling your social media efforts. However, not everything you publish will be a grand slam.

Sometimes it’s the timing. You publish a post too late – well past its buzz. Sometimes it’s too early – not enough interest in the topic until a major blogger covers it. Then there’s the sweet spot – where you hit the nail on the head. Likewise, there’s also a factor of how you word your title, angle the post, use your tone of voice, and whether you’re engulfing the reader into the story.

There are certain posts that almost always do well in search engines.

These are the types of posts that jump out on the page. They beg to be read. They pique a users’ interest.

The following are a few of those post types you should employ in your content marketing strategy if you wish to land great search placement and get things rolling on the social train.

Product X vs Product Y

People ready to make a buying decision will take the time to compare products.

There are plenty of options for them to do this research:

  • Individual reviews
  • Product demonstrations via video
  • Product comparison tables

One that isn’t used quite often is the “vs” type. This puts two products against one another.

The reason this can be a great method for getting found (and creating conversions) is that you’ve gone ahead and narrowed down their options. You’re displaying the two best products on the market and pit them against another so the buyer can quickly scan and compare the best options.

You don’t necessarily need to side with a particular product, either. Just display the features side-by-side and recant your experience with each. You could throw in a pros and cons section for each if you wish but ultimately it’s there as if they’re holding the products in each of their hands. They’ll make the decisions, eventually, but that big hurdle was coming down to the two.

What [Person] Got Wrong about [Subject]

Controversy will draw the eyeballs especially if you’re taking a stance against a well-known individual in your marketplace.

There are many angles to go on this:

  • Point out a factual mistake they’ve made
  • Use your personal opinion to share the alternative
  • Go after the their reputation

Using factual information is your best option for creating these types of posts. People can’t say no to hard, proven facts – especially if they’ve been misrepresented by the other individual.

The other route would be through your personal experience and opinion. Just because they felt one way about a product/service doesn’t mean everyone else shares that enthusiasm. You may pick up those fringe readers that have been skeptical about the individual.

One last method, which you should use sparingly because it can back fire, is to attack the individual. Not in a slanderous way but by pointing out past faults and criticisms. You may dig up information that contradicts their current stance on topic they’ve presented. If there is a pattern than you can show people that something might be a little off. This raises questions and will get the conversation started.

Income Report: [Month] [Year]

We hear that bloggers and business owners are doing well with their work but how do we really know unless they’re transparent about its operations, finances, and income?

There are many individuals willing to post fake income reports just to build an audience and sell products – it’s a dupe and it’s very unethical.

But … if you were to present real screenshots, show your methods, and keep providing these insights each and every month you can draw people in simply based on their inquisitive nature of seeing you succeed because – in some way – when you succeed they feel they succeed.

Not only will an income report help build your credibility and authority but you can use the posts to reinforce your tactics. The readers see what’s working for you and are willing to give it a try. Often you’ll have paired with an affiliate product in your tutorials which means you’ll increase conversions.


Will each of these types work for your niche/business?

Maybe. Maybe not.

It all depends on how much value you’re able to deliver. It also depends on how you package the piece.

With that being said – it can’t hurt to try. You may bring in some fresh eyes to the site. You may convert a regular reader. If you’re already publishing non-stop than a divergence into these types of posts shouldn’t slow you down.

Go on. Give ‘em a try.