Got Skype? It’s likely you do if you’re calling others from your computer (or phone/tablet).

Some of these conversations might just be the type your community would like to hear.

You’ve got the access to fellow business and site owners so put it to good use. All that’s needed is one extra program, a bit of editing, and you’re on your way to producing multiple types of content that’ll help you build the brand, encourage conversions, and help with that SEO.

Here’s what you can do …

Recording Skype Calls: The Programs and Process

Recording Skype is dead simple.

With a free (or paid) program you can set it to record the convo and then use another (video or audio editor) to make any other touch ups. The programs and process are very similar to what you’d do when producing a podcast but having the extra video element gives you additional flexibility when creating complimentary content.

Recording Programs

There are more than a few programs you can use to record your Skype calls but before you begin make sure you understand the legality of recording. Just make sure things are covered by avoiding copyrighted music being played and that the person signs off on an agreement so you can use the work for your business (such as with marketing and other strategies).

Here are a few programs to get you started:

Each comes with a variety of options so play around with them and find which works for you. The main thing to look for, obviously, is that you get the audio (at least) but video support is highly recommended.

Editing Programs

I’d recommend you look into an audio and video editing program for doing the post production.

The audio editor will help you strip the audio from the video call so you can use it as part of a podcast. The video editor will allow you to make any other touch ups to the video (like cutting sections, adding overlays, and branding).

For audio I would recommend either Audacity (free) or if you have a sound editor built into your operating system (just dig around).

For video I’m partial to Sony Vegas but there are others like Adobe Premier and Final Cut Pro.

The choice in these matters will come down to your budget and whether you can wrap your head around the program (some have a higher learning curve) otherwise you can fall back to the built-in video editors on your computer.

Note: see our list of free audio recording & editing tools.

Putting It Together

Once you’ve got the recording it’s a matter of putting it together.

1. Open your audio editing (or video editing) program

2. Add the file to the timeline

3. Use the cut/paste/splice functions to touch up any dead air

4. Purchase and include introduction music to add some flair

5. Add some video overlays for additional marketing opportunities

6. Export the video and get it uploaded

Video and audio editing isn’t entirely difficult but it does present a learning curve. I would recommend looking and working through Lifehacker’s video editing guide to help you get a start since it’ll give you the basics (and that’s all you really need, for now).

Alternate Content Opportunities

An interview is just the beginning. Now that you have this conversation you can begin expanding on the topic and turn the call into multiple content pieces.

Here are a few ideas:

Transcribe the Audio (Usability & SEO)

Head on over to Fiverr and browse through the listings for transcription services – this will give you a good start since the services are cheap which allows you to play with this content opportunity.

Hire a freelancer and get the audio transcribed. This transcription will help with usability for those not able to view the recorded video and it will get picked up by search engines which should improve your long-tail keyword usage.

It will also allow you to place additional affiliate links when mentioning products or internal links to your site (or others) when covering a topic.

Expand on the Talking Points (Single Posts)

Here’s an idea …

Divide the conversation into individual talking points and begin producing smaller posts that expand on each of the topics.

For example: if you were discussing a marketing strategy but briefly touched on the subject you could revisit the topic and create a full post that includes additional resources, affiliated offers, and additional commentary on your behalf.

A single video that covers a handful of topics can quickly turn into dozens of additional content for the blog – and having a quote from the video will let you link back to it while building that brand association with the other individual.

Resubmit Video with New Overlays (YouTube & Marketing)

The last idea I have for you is rather simple (but great for improving your affiliate opportunities and getting some action in the search results).

All you need to do is plunk the video into a video editor program and create video overlays for when you mention a product (show the URL on screen). This works well if you use a URL shortener which has your site’s URL. You can also use this opportunity to add URL’s for specific pieces of content (such as creating the individual posts as mentioned above) to increase the traffic.

Resubmit it to YouTube, optimize the title, and expand on the description to add these links, and you’re good to go in terms of offering video for the community.


Recording your Skype calls are a great way to quickly produce content for your community and build better rapport with your business network. As you can see – there are multiple options if you choose to turn it into other content formats. In all, hitting a button during something you’re already doing is about as easy as it gets for quick and easy value for your business.