Throughout this week I will be taking you through the process of scaling your affiliate marketing business with very little effort. In just one hour you will begin to set in motion new opportunities to increase your revenue through a variety of means. These items include finding offers, website tweaks, content marketing, link building, and social media automation.

For less time than it takes to read the news you can be on your way to incremental improvement within your business. Ready to get started?

A quick question for you …

When was the last time you revised your affiliate offers?

Affiliate marketing benefits when you’re willing to take risks, improve your understanding, and keep tabs on the competition. You may try a thousand times before you finally hit a home run. The unfortunate downside of the “big win” is that it’s easy to become complacent with your success.

It’s likely that, over time, you’ll get too comfortable with your affiliate marketing. Unless you’re improving and working on growth you will see your efforts begin to wane due to an increase in competition and lack of interest within the market.

For these reasons you should consider taking an hour of your day to go back and rediscover the great offers on your preferred affiliate networks and programs.

Through this action you will rekindle your drive and cater to an ever-changing marketplace.

The One Hour Action

Go ahead and log into your preferred affiliate network or program (for our example I’ll be using Clickbank).

Now you’ll want to diverge into two paths:

  • Scoping the new, lucrative offers that have hit the market
  • Discovering offers that’ll be used for side promotions and up sells

Use your understanding of the market to begin searching for new, lucrative offers. Plug trending keywords into your affiliate network/program to see if there are any new contenders riding this wave of interest. Alternatively, spy into the competition and take note of new offers they’re currently testing.

Here is an example of a new product hitting the market:

Pay particular attention to the average sale commission and gravity of the offers. Take the time to look over the website to see if it aligns with your affiliate marketing ethics and practices. Likewise, consider purchasing the product or ask for a review sample from the owner so you may have a greater understanding of the value it has to offer your site visitors.

Now do this a few more times. Remember that affiliate marketing can be a real hit and miss so find a variety of new offers which you can test.

Give each of the offers a “gut” test:

  • Is this something you would use?
  • What value does it bring to your community?
  • Will this offer have ongoing support?

Remember that it’s your brand on the line. Referring your community to a product that doesn’t live up to the hype and value gives your business the proverbial “black eye” at which that point you may lose trust and authority.

While you’re in the system don’t skip over the chance to find complimentary offers.

These offers are somewhat related to your industry but don’t exactly fit the mold. Your first reaction may be that they’re not compatible but this is the moment when you conduct your research and take the time to understand what else your community is buying.

For example:

  • If you promoted online business methods you could realistically promote accounting software, as well, since it’s integral to business operation.
  • If you promoted weight loss solutions you could consider a complimentary offer in the self-help market since these individuals will need support throughout their weight loss progress.
  • If you were promoting gambling websites you could integrate offers for computers and other gadgets which would make the activities more enjoyable and fruitful.

This one hour of your day could be the game changer you need to take your business to the next level.

Also, it’s not just about the money. Building habits around keeping an edge on the industry will give you the drive to pursue new strategies and opportunities. You will effectively develop a mindset to continually improve which resonates throughout your lifestyle and business.

Take action. Set a time, today, to rediscover the lucrative offers for your affiliate business. Then come back tomorrow, prepared, to take the next strategy in our one hour marketing plan.