There needs to be some kind of end goal for your website. You can choose whatever purpose this may be but if you’re reading this than chances are you wish to make money from your efforts.

Here’s the thing … just because you have a product (or service) doesn’t mean someone will buy it.

Think about all the competition out there. Every market has a fair share of products trying to take top spot on the list. You could slap together something but if you can’t sell the benefits and convert your visitors than not much is happening. Now think of the chances you have at converting a first time visitor and suddenly your potential hits rock bottom.

The best way to generate consistent sales is by turning regular visitors into regular buyers.

Start with the U.S.P.

An earlier post within this community building series touched on the notion that you should have a unique selling point if you wish to differentiate within your market and from the competition; this USP should also be applied to the products/services/offers you have on your site.

Find what makes what you have to offer different than the rest.

Could it be a better price point? Could it be the person behind the product? Is it the delivery time with your service?

Even the smallest element can make all the difference because it gives you something to use when selling your offers. Take the time to ask and gain feedback as to what others think of your offers and use those comments as bullet points in your sales pitch.

Over-deliver in value

The content you produce should be remarkable.

The goal, with your content, is to deliver such an amazing amount of value that the products you have to offer seem irresistible. You want readers to think “hey, if this is what I get for free – this paid product must be on the next level!

Take a few extra minutes before you hit publish.

  • Did you fully explain the topic?
  • Did you include helpful graphics and media to compliment the work?
  • Is it optimized for search engines?
  • Does it have a unique slant to spark a conversation?
  • Is it something I would share?

You’ll not only keep regular readers happy because they’re enjoying such powerful content but they’ll trust your judgment when you recommend an offer because you’ve already shown that you know what you’re talking about (building that authority).

Get them emotional

A story can be a very powerful way to explain your offers because it hooks the reader.

Exercise your ability to tell a story and get the reader emotional. You want to make them feel as if they were the one on the other side telling the tale. By doing this you’ll create a bond with what you have to offer which puts the individual into an emotional state and it’s this state that they’re more willing to buy.

Try this:

  • Open one of the hottest selling products in your niche and find their sales page
  • Read through the entirety of the sales page and take notes each time they use a story
  • Examine the testimonials and their emotional reaction to the product

Turn around and apply these principles to your sales page. Talk about how you use the product and how you feel it would work for them. Word it in a way that plants them front-and-center of the story.

Add a layer of scarcity

Don’t let them fool you … you can’t “run out” of a digital product – it’s a simple tactic which marketers use to spur up sales spikes. Sure they may “close” the program but it almost always comes back for a “limited time” … this is an exercise in scarcity.

… and it works.

  • Consider only allowing a handful of spots for your membership site
  • Set a countdown as to when the sale will end on a product page
  • Limit and qualify those that you’ll work with when pitching services

In all it’s a matter of creating a sense of urgency with your offers. You have to put them into that emotional state and use scarcity to make them take action at that very moment they finish through the sales pitch.

You may find you’ll increase your profits due to adding limiters to your promotions; equally so, regular readers won’t want to miss on the next opportunity which increases the odds of a sale the next time you’re doing a round of promotion.

Test, Track, and Optimize

Need we to expand on this point? Test everything, track the results, and optimize to improve conversions.

Overall, it’s simply applying the fundamental sales practices into motion. You’d be surprised but many bloggers never fail to go beyond simply publishing content for their readers. There MUST be a product or service (or even just affiliate offers) in place if you want to maximize your efforts. Do each of these elements of driving a sale and you’ll certainly see your income grow.