Like anything in excess … it starts to get dull.

When we get what we want, all day, every day, it begins to lose its luster. It doesn’t feel as special anymore. You don’t have that same drive as when you were hungry for it.

This happens a lot in affiliate marketing.

You get a taste of success and it gets you pumped. You dive in. You bust your butt trying to make it happen. Once you do succeed you ride it out for a while. Then it starts to get stale. It’s not as much of a challenge anymore. You don’t feel as much progress.

Here’s the thing …

That feeling is still obtainable.

Sometimes all you need is a little spark to reinvigorate your passion for affiliate marketing … and I’ve got just the right methods to do so …

1. Take on a New Project

Earlier I had talked about what you would do if your affiliate income began to dry up. The post was about different suggestions on finding new products and opportunities to create new revenue.

Reinvigorating your passion for affiliate marketing can be done during this process, too.

If you found a neat product that’s unrelated to your niche (while you’re doing a marketplace search) and feel it’s something that gets you inspired then chase the prospect.

Go ahead and:

  • Put together a quick website
  • Write a few blog posts on the topic
  • Setup your social media accounts

Do these three things, then sit back for a bit.

See if it picks up momentum.

Even if the project doesn’t become an earner it still served its purpose of getting you to try something new. That enjoyment you felt during the development of the new project may be what you needed to come back to affiliate marketing, as a whole, and get the ball rolling, again.

2. Stop being a Solopreneur

I can bet that you’ve told friends, family, and probably anyone you could about your work with affiliate marketing if they were to listen.

It’s one of those normal conversations that seems to pop up wherever we go.

Somewhere along the lines someone may have thought “yeah, that’s something I’d like to do!”

Well …

What’s stopping you from joining up, together, and launching something fresh?

Stop being that solopreneur. Work as a team to build bigger and better products. Feed off another’s energy and passion. Really work toward building something great, together.

Start with this: Forming a mastermind group.

Working as a team, especially with a good friend, will always spark your motivation and interest.

This time around … when working on something business related … there’s a whole lot more to show if things really begin to take off. The two of your working together could spawn a new business that becomes way bigger than the two of you could ever have imagined.

3. Go Freelancing for a While

Diversity in business will certainly keep your interest because it gives you a wide range of activities and challenges. Many affiliate marketers pigeon hole their activities, though, and stick to building websites, running advertising campaigns, and testing offers.

Have you considered going the freelance route for a while?

Freelancing can be a fantastic way to reinvigorate your passion for affiliate marketing for many reasons:

  • There is a deeper connection with individuals because they are clients rather than customers
  • You get to set the rates and services instead of relying on what’s on the marketplace
  • Many skills learned during freelancing will aid in your affiliate marketing

Here’s another great thing: you can keep on with affiliate marketing as you do this freelancing.

While providing your services you can offer suggestions for affiliate products or services and it’s likely you’ll see a greater acceptance since those individuals have already placed their trust in your work.

There’s nothing stopping you from continuing with your affiliate marketing projects while you’re doing the freelance thing, either.

In fact – a bit of down time between the normal promotions may be what you need to get your head back in the game.

Final Words

It takes all kinds of different forces to bring back that passion. Once you feel reinvigorated you’ll get a rush of feelings – that’s you remembering the challenges and triumphs from when you began. Use that in your favor. Let it inspire you to try new things with your affiliate marketing. Let it push you outside your comfort zone. Let it help you set new goals. Let it help you start with a clean slate.

Your turn, now. What has helped with reinvigorating your passion for affiliate marketing when you’re going through a slump?