The dream of the affiliate marketing business is that it works for you. This means that it’s designed in a way where you can kick back, rest, and continue to collect your commissions without the need to continually monitor and work on the business.

Because we all need a vacation, sometimes, don’t we?

Well what if you could get the best of both worlds where you can take that time off and still earn some additional income through those moments of relaxation?

Here are some ways that came across my mind:

1) Interview an Authority Figure (by Email)

Just the other day I put together a blog post that was an interview with Eric Gati about his process and ideas behind his site TheDailyInterview. This was done with real ease because all it took was a quick email asking if he’d like to participate and a follow up with some questions.

If you want to make these work for your business:

1. Find those authorities with products on the market

2. Affiliate with that product

3. Conduct the interview (via email)

4. Promote the offer within the interview

In about five minutes you can shoot off one of these emails. Signing up for an affiliate program of theirs takes a few more minutes. Adding the link within the work is maybe another five.

Schedule it to go out when you’re off on vacation (along with the social shares with the help of social media tools) and voila! you have yourself a profitable piece of content working for you while you’re kicking back.

2) Do a Few Simple Website Services

Went out to a restaurant around the area you’re vacationing and noticed they don’t have a website (or at best – a real crappy one)? Consider if you have enough time to use your streamlined knowledge of website creation to get them setup with the basics.

You don’t have to develop the entire website, either. By getting the items in motion you can earn a few affiliate commissions from the domain, hosting, and website themes.

From there you could point them (or their team) in the right direction as to filling out the website, implementing a content strategy (which could also include affiliated tools and resources), and setting them up with a basic marketing plan.

A small mom & pop type restaurant that hops on board could earn you a couple hundred extra bucks in an afternoon if you’re doing much for that day. It’s worth a shot, right?

3) Treat It like an Event

Use your marketing knowledge to turn a normal vacation into “an exclusive event” they too can attend.

For example:

  • It’s a time when you’re finally free to take questions from the community
  • You’re opening time for exclusive consulting to a select few
  • There will be a nightly giveaway to celebrate the event

It really doesn’t matter what you choose. The point is that you can craft up some kind of excitement around your time off and use that as a momentum.

Let’s say you decide to hold a nightly giveaway.

Each of those days you could theme it around what you had been doing. This helps to solidify the image of a lifestyle business. People not only get to join in to the contest but they’re seeing the rewards of your work – and they want that experience, too. This will get them interested in what you’re doing and from there you can add them into the sales funnel.


An affiliate marketing business really needs to be done in a way that it works for you otherwise it’s just another set of tasks that you’ll be doing day in and day out. After a while that’s going to get old and prevent you from working on new projects. You’ll have created a business but it’ll be a job.

The dream is where you can reap the rewards with minimal input. You work hard so you can go out and enjoy the lifestyle you’ve created. That’s why so many label affiliate marketing as a lifestyle business.

So next time you’re sitting back, sipping on a drink, and wondering about your business … take a few of these suggestions in mind. They’ll give you a nice, welcoming boost to your income and you won’t slave away at the computer when you should be relaxing.