The Super Bowl will be held on Sunday, Feb 1st.

This event is one of the biggest sporting events of the year which means people will go all-out to support their team, party, and have a great time.

Position yourself correctly and you can earn off this major sporting event with your affiliate marketing.

Here are some of those ways to go about doing so:

  • Team Spirit – Whichever teams end up at the Super Bowl you can bet that people are willing to buy the team merchandise before and after the big event. Once we know who’s playing you could begin promoting those two teams and affiliate your links to shops that sell products that those fans may want to purchase.
  • Parties – Many, many people are going to attend the Super Bowl and so naturally they are going to BBQ and do some tailgating. Items like grills and other tailgating related products are perfect for the promotion during this time. People will also be having parties at their homes so party-related items are worthwhile to promote such as banners, yard games, and more.
  • Betting – Online gambling may not be what you’re generally affiliate with but during the Super Bowl it’s massive. Find a few gambling affiliate programs that are covering the Super Bowl and you’re bound to get people interested and invested.
  • Contests – Pit your followers against another by letting them choose who they think will win. You could set this up as a contest where whoever chose the correct score may win a product or a special discount to your services. It’ll get people active and continually checking to see if they’re the lucky winner.
  • Roundup – Take what you think are the best commercials and highlights of the big event and work them into your content strategy. It may be a hard stretch for certain niches but by piggybacking off the hype of the game you could draw new attention to your work and those individuals could become your customers.
  • Memorabilia – Once the game is over people are certainly going to the Web to purchase products for their favorite team. Now is a great time to promote those items like jersey’s, footballs, classic videos, magazines, and others. They want to capture the moment and because they are in an emotional hype they are certainly ready to make the purchase.

Another thing to consider when the big game is on is that many of your competitors are dipping out and taking time off. This is a great time to capture those that are asking questions and hearing nothing in return. Stay active during the big game and you may find yourself grabbing a new followers.

Push the promos, find a way to integrate them into your niche, and you’ll certainly make a touchdown of the event.

Image by GaborfromHungary.