What makes a worthwhile traffic source?

Is it whether it’s the easy to tap? If it’s unknown and free from noise? What if it was a secret all together? Well, as anyone can attest, it’s virtually impossible to keep a secret these days which is why we’re blowing the cover on several relatively untapped methods of traffic generation that not only have a TON of potential for explosive returns but haven’t been obliterated with spam.

Here’s what we’ve found …

Social Transactions

Take your existing product (or build one) but sell it for a social mention than monetary gain.

PayWithATweet is a simple-to-use service which requires individuals to pay for your products … with a tweet. Make something valuable and you’ll see the power of the social platform as each new person grabbing your offering will simultaneously promote it.

Social Engineering Offline Leads

Get a bit tricky and outsource lead collection in your targeted industry.

Sign up for oDesk (or the many other freelance sites) and create a job in which you require a list of relevant businesses to which you may send marketing material. Have your worker verify the names and contact information through VOIP calls. Once your list is complete, drop an email or send out postcards pushing people back to your website.

Sexy Video Responses

Though sleazy, consider hiring a female employee to respond to YouTube videos.

As you could imagine, the image of a female in the video response will get clicks. YouTube’s major audience is young and pumping with hormones. Yes, you’re pandering to sexuality but this tactic is highly effective in gaining views and potential clicks on the embedded links.


Reddit has taken over the social bookmarking game but don’t be intimidated by its strange and unique community.

Use the sub-Reddits’ which cover nearly every known interests; you’ll have greater success at reaching your community and gaining higher votes. However, be warned, Reddit is not a community to blatantly market yourself else you’ll get the quick backlash – only ever deliver something useful, funny, or worthwhile that isn’t selling something.

Live Streaming

Forget the webinars and static videos of YouTube – push your business live!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkelAbcoVN4?rel=0&w=560&h=420]

UStream is a great resource for easily managing live streaming without needing to setup a personal server. There are no limits to your usage with the service; some suggestions would be to use the live video for customer support, tutorials, and other content items that your community desires.

Help Out Reporters

Reporters have a tough job but the web has lessened the load which means big opportunity for your business.

HARO, HelpAReporterOut.com, is a service which ties reporters to people on the ground floor. Join the network and see what you may contribute to pieces relevant in your industry. Feature enough information and you may get quite enough exposure to turn print & multimedia outlets into a cool new traffic source.

Content/Community Mining

Indeed, we have automated tools for our social media but never forget the power of personal contact.

Gather a list of 10 – 20 of the most influential websites and blogs within your industry. Outsource help to mine data related to the individuals leaving comments and guest posts such as name, website, and email address. Go a step further and hunt down their physical address, Skype name, or any other social contacts which will grant you access to a more personalized connection. Then, send them over something friendly, give them something, or just drop a hello – get on their radar. It may not seem much but 10 or 20 new contacts, a day, can quickly lead into a very passionate following which has unlimited potential for growth.

Care to share a secret traffic source? It’s okay, we won’t tell! Leave a comment below.