This week I have been covering some of the trends that have gone popular on the social networks such as #ThrowbackThursday and #FollowFriday.

Today let’s talk about #Selfie.

Turning the camera on yourself for a quick pic isn’t a passing fad that sprung up thanks to the likes of Instagram. People have been doing this for years and years. It has only been within the last few, due to hashtags, that we’re starting to see the “#selfie” as part of our social sharing.

So what can we do with selfies for business?

Suggestion #1: Getting Personal with Clients/Customers

Who you know plays a major part in how well you’ll do in affiliate marketing.

When you can associate yourself with trusted, authoritative individuals in your niche you can leverage that connection to build your brand. It’s brand by association (more or less).

A selfie is perfect for this.

If you’re out at conference, doing a meet up, or having lunch with someone respected in your industry (or even the average Joe doing big things) you can take that time to snap a selfie, do a bit of promotion, and get a conversation started with your community.

The added benefit is that by tagging the other individual (or receiving a mention) you can pull some of their community and customers to your affiliate business.

Suggestion #2: Subtle Product Promotion

One of the best ways you could use selfies as part of your affiliate marketing is actually done in a very subtle fashion. In this case you’re taking a selfie and using the extra space to show off a product or even a service.

Consider if you had purchased a physical product that you promote on one of your affiliate sites …

You could pose with the product and talk about it in the selfie. You could talk about some of its features and how you’re currently using it. It also gives you the opportunity to post a link to one of your reviews of the product or a tutorial.

It’s really as simple as that sounds.

You get to post a selfie. You can show off a product. You can start a discussion. As long as you’re not overly promotional about it you shouldn’t have a problem including these subtle promotions whenever you’re taking part in this trend.

Suggestion #3: Sharing the Lifestyle

A big part of business is trying to convey a lifestyle. It’s not just about the product but what value the product brings to the consumer. When they’re emotionally charged from your marketing they aren’t focused on the specs … they’re placing themselves into the image.

It’s a lot like why affiliate marketers like to use images of relaxing on the beach … because it’s very idyllic.

Selfies can come into play, here, because each one – depending on location, event, etc – can be used to share your lifestyle. You get to be the center of attention.

Showing you’re off traveling, next to a new car, posing with celebrities, attending big events, and the like, let’s you show off this lifestyle. You can then use it to get people excited about your product promotions because if they get on board … perhaps they too can live this lifestyle.

Of course it doesn’t need to be all glitz and glamour. Using selfies to display a humble lifestyle as a result of your affiliate marketing can be just as appealing to people because it shows you’re down to Earth.

Keeping It Real

Selfies, albeit a neat social media trend, can still be somewhat narcissistic if you take it too far. I would definitely recommend you take a dose of reality if you plan to use selfies for business. Yes, they can help with branding and promotion but don’t become “that guy/gal” that turns it into some gutless marketing shenanigan. Keep it real. It’s supposed to be a cool and fun thing to do and share so try not to ruin it.